Ten on Tuesday – Pizza Toppings

  1. Favourite bar none – vegetarian. There is something so satisfying with cheese and vegetables melting together, I will often do the mediterranean vegetable thing with haloumi and skip the pizza base altogether.
  2. Simple ham, cheese and pineapple. Which to some is an abomination, but I like the salt in the ham and sweet in the pineapple, as does Hubs.
  3. Aussie pizza, this isn’t one of my favourites, but one of Hubs’ and I don’t think I’ll get to ten without him so in his words: “The egg is not fried or poached in the middle of the pizza, it is cracked over the top of the toppings and spread out over the pizza using the shells as cups”. I will never forget him trying to describe this to a waiter in Salisbury. Needless to say, they had no idea what he was talking about and a fried egg came out on top. Here is a picture for you, which I hope explains it better than words can. The other toppings are usually shredded ham and cheese.
  4.  Prawns. That one is Hubs’ too. There is a time and place for prawns, and on a pizza isn’t one of them.
  5. Salami, spicier the better. This is one of both our favourites, and as Peanut grabs it out our hands when we eat it, one of his too. Peanut also loves chewing on the crusts of our pizzas.
  6. I also like a really hot and spicy beef, with jalapeños, so my nose runs.
  7. Spinach and feta, yum.

And I have now run out of ideas. I could list all the ingredients separately to get to ten, but I think the combinations are the thing I like best about pizzas. We last had a pizza on Friday last week. We don’t get them very often. Not even once a month, but every so often, nothing else will do.

I should also add that Hubs has also had proper eye-talian pizza in Italy. The git. He saw more of Europe than I did, and I lived there longer.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday – Pizza Toppings

  1. I had true ‘eye-talian’ Margarita pizza on the steps of il Duomo in Firenze once … bliss!
    You can add one of my favourites to your list to get closer to ten – moroccan chicken with spinach & coriander & plain yoghurt (yoghurt dolloped on only after it has been removed from the oven!) OR, creamy white sauce base with chicken, spinach and sundried tomatoes… yum!


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