Ten on Tuesday – things to do on the weekend

All too often people will ask me at work on a Monday morning ‘What did you get up to over the weekend?’ to be met with a blank look from me, most of the time the two days are a blur of doing things and playing with the baby. The weekends whizz past, sometimes with little or nothing to show for them.

Here are my Ten favourite things to do, when I get the chance to, if money and distance were no object too:

  1. Sleep in. I can’t remember the last time I went to bed when I was tired and woke up when I wanted to, instead of being woken up by our (now mobile) alarm clock.
  2. Go for a walk. I’m not worried about where, I am quite happy perambulating in the hills, by a river, by the seaside, or through town. I just like setting off and getting somewhere. Combined with a coffee, a piece of cake or even a pub lunch, I’m a happy woman.
  3. Visit a gallery, or museum. Lose myself in a painting, or people watch.
  4. Have people over to visit or visit other people, either for dinner or afternoon tea, I’m happy either way.
  5. Go to the cinema, watching a film on my own is a guilty pleasure, although some people don’t understand it. But as much as I love watching films with Hubs, there’s something decadent about taking yourself off to watch your choice of movie.
  6. I love going away for the weekend, I never got to Paris, so I’d like to go there please.
  7. I’d like to swim on the Barrier Reef again, this time with Peanut as well as Hubs.
  8. Read. For a day. On my own, except for a minion bringing me food and drink at my request.
  9. Have a Pimms Party on the South Downs and fly kites with everyone we left behind back in the UK.
  10. Clean the house and get the ironing done. Maybe this is just me, but there is something very satisfying about going to bed on a Sunday night knowing that all the housework is up-to-date and I can wear whatever I want to from my closet.

What do you think..?

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