A morning in the city, or almost a day off for good behaviour

Little did I know that when I took on this role, a few years later I would be attending a course entitled, Risk Management and Internal Audit; the value of integration? What happened to my life where I would choose to go on a course like that? I was sat on a beautiful Spring day in Melbourne, 30 floors up listening to auditors talk about aligning the risk management register with your internal audit program. Working out how to get the most bang for your buck on a limited audit budget. I was surrounded by people who like checking things off, making sure their house is in order, dotting ‘I’s and crossing ‘T’s, which does sound like me in some respects, but in others, less so.

What struck me was how tired everyone looked, a lot of the delegates were yawning, people simply looked worn down. It didn’t help the acoustics were bad so we could hardly hear the speakers and the screen for Death-By-PowerPoint was also too low, so half the audience kept having to fidget around to see all the text.

I could say the topic was interesting, but I’d be lying. It was relevant, I learnt some new things and it reinforced other information and knowledge, but as I looked around me at the people at morning tea, it was like a Dilbert cartoon. I hoped I looked engaged and thoughtful, not bored and resentful like some of the others did. I’m hoping it was the remnants of Winter being shaken off as Spring slowly approaches Melbourne. Certainly the weather is changeable enough to classify as spring in my book.

Magnolia trees are nearly over, daffodils and other spring bulbs are up aplenty, I might buy me some freesias I think this weekend. After the course had finished, I brought a drink and sat in Treasury Gardens people watching and soaking up some Vitamin D. Most people were plugged into their phones or their music, few just sat. I loved having the wind in my hair and the sun on my arms. It was the longest time I’d sat still and done sod all in months. I heartily recommend it and will be doing it again shortly.

Walking back to my car to drive out, I looked up at the office block my company is moving to at the end of the year. I miss working in the city. I love that if I need to get some shopping, I can whizz out and get stuff, I don’t have to make a special trip to a shopping centre on my way home. I also like the atmosphere in a city, something that you just don’t get in the ‘Burbs.

I met with my Gastroenterologist yesterday. I’ve got more intimate pictures to look forward to next year, then again five years after that. He also said that while the only cure for Coeliac disease is to cut out all gluten, I’m to do the best I can, and if it’s been hidden, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I shouldn’t worry about it too much. That was a relief all round.

I then headed to the bustling metropolis that is Chadstone shopping centre, marvelling at how many people were there for a weekday afternoon. I then discovered it was VIP day, with 20% off in some shops, so was full to bursting as people tried to get a bargain. I collected our post, and brought some concealer. Such excitement, I went to one shop, brought the one thing I needed and came home again. I’m not sure I’m a girl at all really.

After collecting Peanut, we walked to the park, he had his first play on the swings and a slide. I then held him up so he could feel the sticky buds and fresh, soft leaves on the trees. He loves trees, always has, I think he likes the light playing through the branches. He also likes the feel of the bark, and took great delight in digging his hands into the wood chips underfoot in the playground. He’s such a boy, he’s a right little grub, and that’s fine by us. Now he’s walking, he wants to walk everywhere. Which is problematical at times, and also noisy if he’s being stuffed into his car seat or pushchair much to his disgust. He is STRONG!

I made him scrambled eggs last night, he also had some bacon and some toast and aside from flinging the odd bit over his shoulder, chomped his way through the majority of it. He knows now that when he’s had his dinner, within the hour he has his bath and it’s bed time. If he starts rubbing his eyes when he’s finished eating, we bring bath time forward a bit. Peanut loves water too, he lays on his tummy in the bath, splashes away and also has worked out how to take the plug out, watching the water all the while. If you don’t catch it quickly and divert him with something else, his bath is somewhat abbreviated, I’ve been left with him covered in shampoo and no water to rinse him off before now.

Hubs and I had an extraordinary meeting where we composed the email to the landlord terminating our lease at our house, we started drawing up a list of things to do, things to pack, places to go and so on. This time we’re getting removal men in though, we’re not moving that distance ourselves. No way. All in all, it was a successful day yesterday, apart from Peanut shutting his hand in a drawer before we left the house. I felt awful, I was in the shower at the time and heard him screaming; thinking he was just cross I was in the shower with the door shut, I hurried up as best I could, to open the bathroom door to find an inconsolable little man instead. Bad Mama.

Peanut slept most of the night, waking up for a drink about 1ish. But all the relaxation of yesterday was abruptly removed when at 4:30am, he decided that enough was enough and he wanted up. Today I’m lurching from hot drink to hot drink and extremely thankful I got everything ready for the morning and that for once, I’d planned dinner last night. An early night tonight methinks.

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