Bed rest

I’ve had sinusitis twice this year already, once just after I started back at work (great timing there body, thank you!) and again now. This one started as a standard cold, nearly three weeks ago. No, I’m not exaggerating. I’m on my second lot of antibiotics, with another prescription to fill on Thursday, and have been told in no uncertain terms I need to rest.
My GP is lovely, she really is, so when she tells me I am to go to bed and stay there for the week, I can’t argue with her. She also told me that I needed a holiday, but whizzing up the country to lie on a beach for a week isn’t practical. As much as I’d like too.
Staying in bed takes preparation, I had to fish some books out the boxes in the spare room, they’ve been packed away after we found damp and mould in the living room (the cause of probably all our illnesses this winter, we are moving out by the end of September). I also had to go shopping for supplies, feeling woozy means it appears I need a fair bit of chocolate for medicinal purposes.
So here I lay, getting ready to go back to sleep, wondering how I will accept that I can’t do anything, no housework, laundry, nothing. Having the baby has already given me more patience than I had before, hopefully this week will give me some thinking space too.

What do you think..?

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