Ten on Tuesday

10 everyday things that make me happy. Sometimes you need a little reminder every so often!

1. Hubs bringing me a cup of tea every morning in bed.
2. Peanut’s bath-water gurgle of a laugh. I could fill this list with things about my son, but I won’t.
3. My desk being neat & tidy.
4. Breakfast. I start thinking about it when I’ve had dinner in the evening. Always my favourite meal of the day!
5. Clean sheets on Monday night, ok so this is a once a week thing, but wiggling my toes on a Monday night in a clean bed is something close to heaven.
6. Ironing, I know this won’t be high on everyone’s list, but when all the clothes are washed and clean, folded or ironed and put away, all is right in my world.
7. A hot shower.
8. Reading, I love this precious time. Particularly as I mostly now read to Peanut.
9. Dinner with my little family.
10. Getting emails from friends & family overseas.


What do you think..?

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