Getting ready for the next day

We both work full-time. Our baby is being looked after for us by other people, this is a decision which has ups and downs, pros and cons. This blog post is not about the whys and wherefores around going out to work mums vs. working in the home mums. This is about what we need to do to get out the house on time every morning.

We do at least one load of washing a day. So every day there is another load of washing that needs to be folded and put away, or added to our weekly ironing pile. Now Peanut is having less poopsplosions, the washing has slowed down, but he has all sorts of activities at his nursery including painting, sand play and so on and he crawls around on all fours, basically, he is a grub. Hubs and I both get changed when we get home into schlumpadinka clothes, we then get into PJs to go to bed (it’s blooming freezing Down Under at the moment!). Add to the clothes washing that we also go swimming once a week as a family, I go twice a week on my own; we change our bedding weekly; and we have no heating in the bathrooms, so we need to change our towels twice a week as they get fusty because they don’t dry out after our showers, you can understand why we do at least one load a day. I try to put a load of washing on before I leave the house, set the timer on the machine and hang it up when I get home, it saves trying to stay awake for it to finish of an evening.

We have the airer in the living room, by the back door so that we can open the door and it gets a bit of air blown over it when we’re home. In the spring, through summer to early autumn, the airer is outside under a covered porch. But it’s way too cold to do that now so the airer has moved into the spare room, which with the door closed and heating on in the evening, means we can get the washing dry in 24 hours. I know tumble dryers aren’t very eco-friendly, and I’m sorry, but without ours enabling us to get the towels, bedding, socks and undies dry, we’d be stuffed in this house.

That’s the washing. The folding and sorting if we’re feeling virtuous will get done as it’s taken off the airer. If not, in front of the TV (multi-tasking), the ironing gets done on Sunday nights, as does the outfit choosing for the coming week. Now for food and bag packing.

Peanut still has formula, so we need to wash and refill the 4 bottles he has during the day. We also need to check his bag to make sure he’s got enough clothes with him, so if he does get too dirty they can change him. He also takes a stuffed monkey with him to nursery, as one of his major sleep cues. When his bag is checked, it gets left in the same place, so when I leave the house I can just grab it and go. My bags when they’re packed get put into the same place.

Hubs and I both take breakfast and lunch to work each day, all four meals are packed up the night before. If I’m going swimming, I’ll also take an afternoon snack, lest I get famished and get out early. Being a woman, I also have a handbag of epic proportions that I take with me too. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave home with my handbag, my tote with my breakfast, lunch, fruit and book in, my swimming bag, Peanut’s bag and Peanut. I look like I’m moving house.

In the evening, we also have to give Peanut dinner, bathe him, settle him down for the night, cook and eat our dinner, do some housework so we don’t do it all at the weekend and being news junkies, try to catch-up with what’s happened over the day at some point. We normally collapse into bed about 9:30, I’m out like a light, because if I stay up much later, despite Peanut sleeping through, as I don’t stop from when I wake up to when I get into bed, I need all the sleep I can get!

In the morning, the alarm goes off at 5:30am, we lie there listening to the news, sometimes I don’t even hear the alarm go off and the radio click on. Hubs goes into the bathroom first, gets dressed, then puts the kettle on. He makes me a cup of tea which he brings into the bedroom, by now I’m usually sat up in bed giving an epic yawn, with Ace Ventura bed-head. In theory, I go into the bathroom to get showered, dressed and do my hair and make-up before I go into the baby and wake him up. In practice, the baby is already awake, as he’s slept for 11 hours and is now really quite hungry and vocal about it. I’ll pull a dressing gown on, get his bottle out the fridge and nuke it. He’ll sit on my lap and guzzle it while I wake up a bit more. Hubs by now is all ready to go, we say goodbye to each other, it’s between 6-6:15am.

I’ll change the baby into his clothes for the day, he’ll then toddle off and have a play. I’ve normally drained one cup of tea and am onto another. By the time I’ve loaded the washing machine, started pulling my breakfast and lunch out the fridge and got his breakfast sorted, I’ll need to change his nappy, which as he’s only just been changed he is not happy about and is like ‘herding cats’ as Hubs puts it. I canNOT leave him in the nappy he’s been in all night, with what is due just after he wakes up, lets leave it there shall we?

Peanut is dressed, take two. I take his high chair into our walk-in-wardrobe, which connects our bedroom to our bathroom. If I leave him on his own in the living room for more than two minutes, carnage ensues, so he gets strapped into his chair while I have a shower. If I’m straightening my hair, he stays there, if I’m just drying it, he’ll either get let out when I’m out the shower, or when my hair is dried so I can then chase him round the bathroom, getting him out the bin, the drawers and the cupboards. As I get nearer to getting ready, I move him into the living room so he can create merry hell in there before he has his breakfast and I start loading up the car.

We leave the house between 7 and 7:20. I’m at my desk by 8am, work like a mad woman until 4:30 when I drop everything and collect the baby. We feed him dinner, fold some washing and it all goes round again.

What do you think..?

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