A weekend in Sydney

This could also be called ‘The Best Laid Plans’, and could form the basis of a book. But here are some highlights of my chaotic weekend away with Baps:

  • We overslept, so left the house late.
  • We missed the turn off to the airport, so had to go over the Westgate Bridge, turn off, go under the bridge and double back on ourselves.
  • It was foggy, so my flight was delayed. Then delayed a bit more. Then cancelled altogether.
  • There were lots of angry people, who seemed to take the fog as a personal affront to them, you know, like personally. Because the weather does do that.
  • I got a seat on a flight leaving at 2pm, 6 hours after I should have left.
  • I had a nice snooze on a chair after a nice glass of wine for lunch.
  • Sitting on the flight at 2pm, 11 people hadn’t boarded, so their bags had to be de-planed and a new passenger manifest issued. We wait a bit longer. We miss our slot.
  • As the plane moved backwards from the gate, the woman next to me groaned ‘I don’t feel well’. The steward was about to start his safety demonstration, so couldn’t give us a sick bag. Luckily, the stewardess flying home sat behind us could. The lead stewardess asked the woman how she was doing, she said ‘I think I’ve got food poisoning’. WHO GETS ON A FLIGHT IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE FOOD POISONING? After consulting with her, and saying ‘It’s an hours flight, do you think you’ll be ok, otherwise we have to turn the plane around?’ they moved her to an aisle seat for any mad dashes to the bathroom.
  • I had another nice snooze.
  • There were no mad dashes to the bathroom.
  • The bus transfer to my hotel was great, only 15 minutes.
  • Baps was waiting outside my hotel, we dropped our bags off and headed back out for something to eat.
  • Three beers, a Pimms, a platter of antipasto and a couple of burgers later we headed back to the hotel and climbed into our PJs, then climbed into our beds. We watched the Graham Norton show (bonus appearance by Ewan McGregor) and crashed out. At 9:30pm. Party on. Good job I packed some silly shoes in case we went Out Out.
  • 6:30am our hotel room phone rings ‘Are you booked on a wine tour?’ standing there with bed head, going ‘What?’ he asks me if I am Mrs of Mr and Mrs Jones in room number whatever it was, I point out that no I’m not, that isn’t our room number. And he hangs up on me. Thankfully I decide I’m too cross and too sleepy to ring back down and yell at him. I put the kettle on and fall back asleep before it’s boiled.
  • We get up at a more leisurely time of day, have showers, make ourselves look presentable, check our bags in with the concierge, give the receptionist what for about the alarm call and head out for breakfast.
  • We walk to the harbour and take gratuitous tourist shots in front of the opera house and bridge.
  • We walk up through the Rocks market and gulp at the prices people are charging for hand-made tat.
  • We walk through the shopping precinct and window shop.
  • We have a cuppa, Baps sends her hot chocolate flying.
  • We do more window shopping.
  • We decide that Sydney isn’t ‘all that’ after all, the only thing it has going for it is the harbour, other than that, it could be any city, any where.
  • We head back to the hotel to claim our free drink, the bar is closed.
  • I get on the bus transfer back to the airport after a long hug and a ‘It’s your turn to visit me next!’ ultimatum.
  • I print my boarding pass without problem, find something to eat, find my gate, find my flight has been delayed by quarter of an hour.
  • I make up a new playlist for the flight and people watch, marvelling at how many people have checked in, got boarding passes, but then don’t get on the flight in time.
  • I try to have a nice snooze on the plane, but fail.
  • To avoid being trampled to death, I wait for the plane to nearly empty before I retrieve my bag.
  • Hubs and Peanut are waiting for me by the escalator, both of them grinning like peas in a pod.
  • Peanut sleeps through the night, thank you little man, both your Mama and your Papa needed that!

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