Easter Break

What seemed like a good idea on paper: to have a family lunch with my cousin in Dandenong, then meet with BIL down in Cowes at their holiday rental on Friday evening, then drive up to Hanno’s in NSW on Saturday; proved to be both a long time in the car and couple of days. We covered 910km or 566 miles (London to Brandenburg in Germany) in total from Friday to Monday. Peanut was great, thank goodness – he only had a minor meltdown when he got hungry, which was easily rectified. But have you ever tried feeding a baby in a car seat twisting round from the passenger seat? No? Then please don’t. Thankfully I have a chiro appointment this afternoon to sort my back out.

Seeing everyone was lovely, but goodness me, the packing. We had to try and pack so that we didn’t have to unpack the whole car for our one night in Cowes. We started assembling things on the Tuesday, the pile on the spare bed grew continuously until Thursday night, when it began to packed into various suitcases and bags. Hubs honestly didn’t believe me on Friday when he said, ‘So what else do you need to do?’ and I replied (smugly) ‘Only put toothbrushes in’. Maybe my days of siege packing are behind me? Maybe because I now need to pack for the baby: bottles, food, formula, nappies, toys, books, clothes, cloths, bath toys, towels etc, I simply don’t have time to faff about too much with my packing? Who knows. Either way on Thursday night, Hubs did his ironing *faint*, I cleaned the kitchen and tidied up, so come Monday night when we got home we could just come in and unpack.

Driving home on Monday was hard work, we hit traffic getting into Melbourne 100km out and trickled our way home from there. Peanut did so well, it wasn’t until we were getting nearly home he pooped, and it leaked, he got thrown straight in the bath, much to his delight, as he absolutely adores water. It’s a job to get him out most of the time! I can hear Hubs saying ‘Come on, toys away. Come on, time to get out.’ When he can be finally persuaded to get out, usually by the plug being removed, he starts crying. Poor wee man.

I digress.

The four days we spent together were lovely, Hubs had Thursday off work, I’ve got Tuesday (today) off, so we’ve both had 5 days away from the office. Not that I’ve been back in there very long, but I know he appreciated the break! Last week was busy for me, my project list is gathering apace and I’m having a whale of a time back at work. I do miss Peanut during the day, it went cold turkey from 24/7 care to waking him up, dressing him for the day, dropping him off at childcare, then collecting him in the evening. We do have play times together before we leave the house and when we get home, however Hubs’ routine hasn’t changed, it’s mine that has dramatically. I’ve had one night where I sat watching Peanut sleep in his cot, crying because I miss him. But he is thriving at childcare. He’s such a social animal, he’s getting a lot out of playing with the other babies in the room. We get reports home that he was playing in the tunnel with E, or passing blocks between E and Peanut and smiling, talking to H outside. When we go and collect him, all the older children wave bye at him and say ‘See you tomorrow’. It’s a lovely centre, that he’s settled so quickly is a big relief for both of us.

My role is being restructured at work. I will be moving to support the Leadership Team and Corporate Function of the office, moving towards more projects and communications. To say I’m chuffed is an understatement. Hubs has also confirmed he can finish work early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to collect Peanut, which means I can go to the gym or swim during the day. Hurrah. Things are slowly slotting into place. I’m enjoying pottering around the house again today. But am under strict instructions not to do too much, it being my day off and all. I’ve filled the car up, taken it through a car wash, done the grocery shopping, made a beef stew, done the washing up and three loads of washing, I’ve made a start on reorganising Peanut’s room too, because for someone so small, he has a long reach on him. Trying to change him is getting to be a nightmare, what with him wiggling around all over the place, rolling over and reaching for everything within sight. I’m trying to curtail what is within sight. Which isn’t easy when he still requires so much stuff.

Any hoo, I am going to close for now. I’ve got a nap to catch up on, but here are my boys playing yesterday morning…


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