What a bit of luck!

I’ve received this email. I can’t wait to claim my money! In all seriousness, aside from the God-awful English, who honestly falls for things like this? I particularly loved the disclaimer at the end of it!


HM Treasury’s Correspondence and Enquiry Unit

From The Office of Rt Hon George Osborne MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Horse Guards Road

London SW1A 2HQ

Tel:+44 (0) 700 580 0054

Email: georgeosborne@hm-treasury-gov-uk.com


Wednesday, February 29, 2012



File Code No: HM/IMF/7890/121





This message is to notify you on a private note based on your claim to your contract fund which has been programmed for transfer into your designated bank account through my department for approval.


I am hereby apologizing to you for the delay in releasing this fund into your account, which was caused by me because of breach of agreement between me and your so-called foreign partners (International Government Officials working with CBN) who introduced you into the business.


Your partners (CBN Government Officials) approached the HM Treasury and contacted me on a private business stating that they presented you as a beneficiary of this fund as it was an OVER-INVOICING made when they are awarding contract to foreign firms and that they needed my assistance to relocate the fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria to Europe before crediting the fund to your account. So after the negotiation, we unanimously agreed that they (your partners) would give me the sum of US$250,000.00 (CASH) as an appreciation for my assistance in transferring the fund into your account.


When I accepted the offer, they forwarded all your banking particulars to me for onward transfer. As soon as I made some fruitful effort in moving the funds into the Treasury Department Account and demanded my US$250,000.00 as agreed, your partners deviated from the agreement, decided to go through the entire HM Treasury Board at my back and made an official letter for acknowledgment of request for onward payment in general to a different unsolicited account provided to the HM Treasury Board for a legal approval in order to disappoint me without knowing that the International Remittance Department is also under my control, I got the knowledge of their evil plans and proved their illicit efforts abortive. That is why for sometimes you have been pursuing this payment, spending unnecessary funds to some fraudulent government and non government officials in and outside Nigeria who claimed to be in charge of releasing your fund.


I want to re-emphasis that your funds approve order are still with me and under my control. Now with my whole heart, I want to enter into real business with you on a sincere agreement since your partners have disappointed me and the fund is still floating on your name waiting for a proper documentation of claim implementation. They have really turned you around the globe with their fellow partners advancing in other countries just to continue their illicit business in finding an alternative means of getting an international approval of your fund payment from foreign government agencies to compel me in releasing your funds without meeting our agreement. But I want you to note below;


1. On an agreement, I assure you that I am going to transfer this fund into your account.


2. You will assure me of keeping my dealings with you to an utmost secrecy because of my position.


3. You will promise to give me 20% of the total fund as soon as the fund gets into your account with a written promissory note signed by you, with a copy of your identification and your address.


4. I will assist you in making a proper document to make your claim genuine as a bonafide foreign contractor and the beneficiary to the said fund without going through any problem of any kind.


I am aware that some International Government Officials are still confusing you and trying anyway they could to compel me to pay you. I advised you that henceforth, you should suspend any dealings from any group of person(s) either from the CBN or any other financial institution / parastatals in Europe or overseas that might be contacting you in this purpose and endeavour to keep this information confidential until we finalize this transaction. Also, on no account should you contact those partners again, this is for my own safety and for the security of your fund because they will not stop at any length in securing this fund. And on no account must you let them know of my contact with you. Please reply to this message urgently and call me on my confidential Tel: 0044-700 580 0054 and make sure to send an e-mail: georgeosborne@hm-treasury-gov-uk.com


Waiting for your favourable response if you need my assistance.

Thanks and God bless you.




Chancellor of the Exchequer

Rt Hon George Osborne MP (Conservative)

HM Treasury Chancellor’s Private Office.



Disclaimer: The information in this email and in any files transmitted with it, is intended only for the addressee and contains confidential and/or privileged material. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorized. If you receive this in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete the material from your computer. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is strictly prohibited.

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