The Descendants

Today Hubs went to the Twenty20 Cricket at the G, I went to the cinema. On my own. It’s one of my most self-indulgent things to do, one I never do enough, certainly not at the moment! My cousin and her husband looked after the baby for us, insisting that I got out the house. It was the first time I’d been to the cinema since Harry Potter 7A (Harry On Camping), and the first time I’d seen a film on my own since Sherlock Holmes 1, as although Hubs and I went to the cinema together on that trip, he went to watch Avatar again. We kissed each other goodbye outside our respective screens and a good night was had by both of us!

Needless to say, I loved it. I loved the film. I loved that I was doing something on my own, that I have always liked doing. I loved that for three hours, I had a little bit of my old life back. There was one scene where the youngest daughter was asleep on a plane, the shape of her mouth squished in sleep reminded me of the baby, but that was it. I was Lily again.

The film is going to stay with me for a long time, although the immediate after effects would have stayed longer if I hadn’t walked into an upset little man, with bottom lip quivering and had to straight away put on my Mama-Superpower Cloak of invincibility. Still he’s asleep now, so what if he didn’t get his bath, have a full-on diva tantrum and had a feed from a bottle? It was one night, he was with people who loved him, who took care of him and because of the way we look after him, he was soon back to his relaxed, placid little self.

While I brought some Nachos at the cinema (the devil’s food), I didn’t break the Code of Conduct. I ate them before the lights dimmed, put my rubbish in the bin and had my phone switched off. I sat still, relished in the film, George Clooney and the standard of acting throughout. There were more than a few manly coughs at the end, a few blowing noses and several ‘Oh dear’s as the lights lifted. It was fabulous.

But the best bit? I got given a $50 voucher to my world of cine, I joined their rewards programme. If I go to their films of the week, it will cost me $10 instead of $18, so I may be able to squeeze four more visits out the card!

What do you think..?

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