On daytime TV

It’s nice to know daytime TV is crap the world over. We’ve got the digibox that you pay for, so have oodles of channels, but with naff-all on most of the time. However, during the time I’ve not worked in an office, but have been working at home with the baby, I’ve watched every Inspector Morse, Midsomer Murders, Graham Norton Show and countless cookery programmes, I can record things and watch at my leisure while feeding the baby. I’ve indulged my Britishness with programmes about the UK, I’ve watched some Aussie programmes too, but not many. But here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • Adverts are terrible, I mean bluddy awful. If you are at home and watching TV during the day, you either need to buy insurance for you, your life, your income, your car, your house or your pets. Or you need to lose weight, but you can’t eat sensibly and exercise, you have to take hunger suppressants and / or powders that expand in your stomach and make you think that you’re full. Apparently, you can’t lose weight slowly, you have to drop it off quickly, now, immediately! But losing weight like that you won’t teach yourself how to break the habits that have made you gain the weight in the first place, so as soon as you finish pumping yourself full of chemicals, you’ll put all the weight back on again. Don’t get me started on the adverts about women who can’t wear the right bra size either…
  • Presenters think they are talking to people with IQs of around 20.
  • Magazine programmes need to expand their segments to longer than 7 minutes, with 3 or 4 minutes of adverts, then another topic. Look at something in-depth instead of glossing over it and then talking all over the expert or the guest that you’ve brought on.
  • I miss Oprah.

As I begin my count down to returning to the work force, because apparently I’m sitting around doing sod all at home at the moment, I need to get my brain in gear. I also need to slightly augment the baby’s routine, he’s happily playing by himself now, which is great, it also gives me an hour here and there to do more than just housework. Spare room? Your gonna get it.

I might even take some before and after photos, so I can get featured on a make-over programme.

One thought on “On daytime TV

  1. So are you not sitting at home twiddling your thumbs?! I alos lvove the line ‘ he’s happily playing by himself now’, made me laugh out loud at work during my lunch! A year has gone by so quickly!


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