Writers block, or out the habit?

Either way is, I know I’m not blogging as much as I want to, used to do or even as much as I feel I ought to. I’m not sure the reasons why are of interest, but because there are reasons plural, you can have a read of them:

  1. My daily routine doesn’t change that much, the weekly one not much also. I could tell you about how I make the bed each morning, and shine my sink like the Fly Lady suggests, but *yawn* it’s not very exciting is it?
  2. I could also gush about how great the baby is, but you’d get bored, and besides I have another blog for that. Not that I’m updating Yet Another Baby Blog either…
  3. I’m not reading much, so I am not writing much. I didn’t realise how much of a correlation they are for me. Reading prompts ideas and sentences appearing in my head, that words and blog posts then naturally flow from. I listen to the radio most days as I potter round the house, trying to read with an inquisitive six month old who is grabbing at everything is mostly focussed on Winnie-The-Pooh, Paddington et al. I try to read in bed before I go to sleep, but only ever manage a chapter at a time and my eyes are closing. Gone are the days where I could read all day *sob*
  4. I am conscious that I need to get into a routine with Peanut before I go back to work, and blogging is lower down the list under self-care (not that I go to the gym or swim), being a wife to Hubs, housework, catching up on sleep and 1001 other things that keep me away from the computer.

All in all, I am failing badly at being a correspondent for you on what is happening in my life. I keep promising I’ll try harder, but you know what, I am fed up of promising things that I can’t physically achieve. I am fed up of hoping things will fit in, the only way I fit in things at work is actually writing down what I need to do and crossing them off my list.

So here is my to-do list for tomorrow:

  • Meet with my boss for lunch
  • Go to IKEA to buy drawers for the unit in Peanut’s room so his stuff is away, not just on shelves. It will look neater and stop me twitching whenever I go in to clean his room
  • Work out what to do for dinner

For the rest of the week:

  • Meet with the Yummy Mummies to watch a DVD on Friday lunchtime
  • Work out what to do for dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Go swimming with Hubs and Peanut
  • Head down to Brother and Sister In Law’s to help round their house and garden
  • Apply for the child care rebate through the Centrelink website
  • Read more than 4 chapters by Sunday night
  • Catch up on 10 emails
  • Blog twice more

If you read this regularly, you’ll know if I’ve achieved the last one, you’ll get an email telling you!


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