Waiting for a phone call

I love this picture for several reasons. It shows a great example of a mother and daughter relationship for one; for another, while it was taken after Kim’s diagnosis of a GBM tumour, she looks like Kim, not as she does now.

I’m writing this in bed worrying about her and her family, as she has been taken back to hospital tonight, after being told earlier this week that the tumour has spread. Kim stoically refused further treatment, has told her children that she loves them and is at peace with the world.

As she prepares for her final journey, I hope that when my time comes I can show the same quiet courage, strength, humour, and above all, dignity as she has.

People in various houses are going to spend the next few sleepless nights thinking of Kim and also when the time comes, holding her hands and gently rowing her out. Letting anyone slip away peacefully is the best we can do. Death is not the opposite of life, it is the opposite of birth.

Life should be lived, to the full, while you’re here to enjoy it. Archie and I saw Kimmy last week with Renee and other relatives, she had a cuddle with him; we all had a laugh and a joke during a happy hour together. She had just finished directing how she wanted her Christmas tree decorated, with her cup of tea she ‘tested’ the biscuits to make sure they were ok.

Bon Voyage


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