I’m not one to brag…

But, I’m thinner than I have been in ages, and I mean, years. Breastfeeding or no, I’m eating healthily because what I get, Archie gets. We are walking every day, even if it’s just round the block, but usually it is over to Chadstone shopping centre or to Oakleigh. We go to the library every Monday as they run a baby/ child sing along which is good fun, also all the Yummy Mummies in our parent group live within walking distance of us too, so we toddle off every week to meet up with them.

The past five months have been a blur, as you can tell by the lack of blog posts (and emails…) But recently driving to a two year old’s birthday party, I realised I was itching to get back to writing and living again. I’m not just Archie’s Mama, I’ve spent a long time working out who I am and what I like. I don’t like sitting on the couch watching TV incessantly, but when you’re in a cluster feed/ sleep cycle, you end up parked there. I want to use my noggin again, think about things, learn things and actively, productively use my day.

In September I completed my Diploma of Management. Many people would have deferred it for a year, but I had wanted to get it done before Peanut arrived, so asked my coach for the absolute deadline and with the help of Hubs and the Manny got most of it done at home; then going into work on D-Day, Frin helped me with the last bits, I dictated while feeding Archie, she typed! Somehow, it was all printed and signed off 2 minutes before my coach got in the building. Obviously, I don’t want deadlines like that all the time, but every so often you do need to be pushed to the wire, it makes you appreciate forward planning and preparation!

Forward planning. People laugh at me for things I do round the house, and that every night my phone beeps at me with a list of jobs to do for the evening, and then beeps again with some more for in morning. Yes, I know that there are days when we don’t do anything, but most nights housework gets done and for the most part, the house looks and functions well. As soon as we come home, the nappy bag, (affectionately known as FRANK for F-ing Ridiculous Archie Nappy Kit) is replenished, so we can grab it and go the next day. We can leave the house within an hour of him waking up, including giving him a feed, changing him and me having a wash and getting dressed. It ain’t always pretty, but it’s quick.

Having also recently had two weekends away on the trot, we’re also pretty confident on what we now need to take for him. Although the first weekend wasn’t too great for me, as I didn’t take any clean undies, so had to wash them out in the bathroom and dry them with my hairdryer!

We are off to Queensland in the New Year for a week, and we’ve already started our list. We will have to take his car seat with us, amongst other things, but we are also curtailed on 23kg each so can’t over pack. Thank goodness for breastfeeding! Which is about where we came in.

What do you think..?

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