Sentimental Saturday

Yesterday was a very Sentimental Saturday, it was our second wedding anniversary.

We had a lovely day. We took Peanut swimming first thing, which involves us leaving the house looking like we are going on an expedition, for all of 10 minutes in the pool. We then met up with Hanno for brunch, it was his 40th birthday the day before and he was our ring bearer at the wedding. We toasted each other with cups of tea and coffee and enjoyed our eggs.

We’d brought Hanno a signed County Cricket Bat. Not signed by just anyone, but his favourite cricketer Dean Jones. Hubs had the bat framed with his career statistics at the bottom of the case. Giving it to him was a bit emotional for both of the boys, they’ve known each other almost twenty years.

After we’d waved Hanno on his way to complete wedding duties for his brother; who is getting married today, (funnily enough in the same town we got married in) I went back to bed for a snooze. Waking up halfway through the first quarter of the AFL Grand Final, Hubs had looked after Peanut for me for a couple of hours, so I could rest. I then took the boy to go shopping, Chaddy was deserted, which was great. Hubs said he’d got the best of both worlds, quality time with his boy, and watching the football in peace & quiet!

I brought some steaks for dinner, we had them with a lovely bottle of red, and talked. Probably the most in depth conversation we’d had since Peanut was born; we looked back, looked forward, made plans and laughed. Apologies for the photo, we’d gone to bed before we’d remembered we didn’t have a photo of us. Apologies too if this is a bit disjointed, I’m typing one-handed as the boy has finally gone to sleep this afternoon, but on me!

What do you think..?

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