Our overseas visitor

My best friend Wiz is here for a couple of weeks. She’s helping out round the house; looking after the baby while I have a proper shower of a morning; we’re tootling around looking at bits of Melbourne and next week, The Great Ocean Road. It’s great having her company during the day. I’d not realised how much I miss continual adult company, which is one of the reasons I don’t think being a stay-at-home Mama is for me.

I apologise for the lack of blogs, the baby is getting easier, but when he’s asleep there is always something to do round the house, or I need a wash, or a pee – you get the picture! Tonight though husband has come home with Conan The Barbarian on DVD, (don’t ask) so I’m taking the opportunity to update you a little all on how we’re doing. It’s either that or heckle at the TV…

Archie is growing lots, exploring his world and entertaining us with an ever increasing repertoire of noises. His latest one is a squeal, he’s also getting very good at ‘Gooooo’. His sweet, happy nature never ceases to amaze me; he’s so placid, so content, I keep pinching myself to work out if he’s for real. Wiz can’t get over his all round cuteness and covers him with kisses, chattering to him in baby talk all the while. She’s nearly over the jet lag, when she’s not taking care of me, like sending me to bed for a nap this afternoon, she’s puttering around the house doing the washing up and ironing. This lady hates ironing. She also knows that I am more than a bit fussy about mine. But she loves me, so she’s doing it anyway. But I love her, so I’m letting her do it.

I don’t know how much Archie weighs now, I’ll pop him on the scales at the clinic tomorrow at the Mother’s Group, but he’s getting chubby round the edges with kissable cheeks and dimples on his fingers at the end of his fat wrists. He is also looking less and less like a baby and more like a boy already. He’s getting taller and is in 3 month old sized clothes, not because of his weight, but because of his height. Archie’s also decided that going to sleep at 8pm suits him fine, any earlier and he is grumpy and won’t settle, so putting him down then is better for all three of us! We’re not forcing him into a routine, he’s finding his own rhythms, is going longer between feeds and will happily watch me from his push chair when I get my breakfast/ lunch etc. whereas before I had to do everything one-handed.

I’m not going to lie to you, it is still hard work, but these two weeks respite with an extra pair of hands with Archie during the day will help me regroup and recharge my batteries. Yesterday was a lovely day on the back of a hard night, he’d peed through everything, but had done it the night before too, so his bedding wasn’t ready to go back on the bed. I was up for ages with him, then a couple of hours later had had to get up again for his next feed. It would have been all too easy to stay in the house and feel sorry for myself. But we’d arranged to go out for the day with my Cousin. We went to Healesville Sanctuary, walking round the woods, the sun dappling through, I was relaxed and happy. I’d have been sat on the couch feeling grumpy if we’d stayed in. I know what I’d choose! I’m going to consciously choose going out in future. I’m having a fitness assessment at my gym tomorrow, they run a crèche during the day; I can go to the gym, pop Archie in the crèche, then we can both go for a swim afterwards.

I’m still full of plans. Mostly they are coming to fruition, sometimes I need to rejig or rethink them, but with Wiz’s help, I’m getting lots done. It’ll be hard to put her on the plane back to her family. All I know is, my family is eternally grateful, already Hubs is telling me how wonderful she is.

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