Unclean! Bring out your dead!

The cold I had the other week travelled nicely to Archie, thankfully he wasn’t too bad with it. Aside from a slightly runny nose and series of very cute coughs and sneezes. I can report back though, he does not like cherry-flavoured paracetamol, just like his Granny. The expression of sheer disgust on his face after he’s been given it is both funny & sad.
As we walk to Chadstone at least twice a week for our constitutional, I’ve been able to judge how well I healed from the c-section by the speed and stamina I’ve shown up the few hills our route takes us. Walking there last Friday? I felt as weak as a kitten on the hills there, to the point I was worried about the hills on the way back, would I get up them to get home?
On Monday I met up with my cousin’s husband, my Manny, we took a slow walk through some bushland near their home with their two dogs. It was just fabulous. Beautiful sunny day, a place I’d never been to before, very relaxed afternoon. Even feeding the boy halfway round was ok, I wiggled him out his wrap, fed him, then wiggled him back in again. You can feed while carrying them in the wrap, but I wasn’t 100% happy with what to do. But I’ll read up on it.
Yesterday I sorted through the filing. One of those jobs I’d put off, and off, because I wanted a clear couple of days to get it done properly. It was also one of those ‘nesting’ targets I failed to meet with Archie’s early arrival. It is sorted into the correct file piles now, but I need to put it into date order and cull out of date papers. I could do a file at a time, one a day and slowly work through it, mobile phones being the first one I wanted to do today as we’re nearly out of contract and want to move providers.
But then at his 4:30am feed, I thought I do not feel well. I wasn’t sure if it was the first signs of a migraine, which as I’ve not had one for a while was surely going to be horrible; or if it was a tummy bug. Crawling back into bed shuddering an hour later, I still didn’t know, I knew I was going to be ill, just not when.
Hubs said “Do you need me to stay home?” I said yes please, and went back to sleep. He let work know, brought me a cup of tea and some toast about an hour later. Half an hour after that he had his baby crying in one room and his wife throwing up into the toilet in the other.
I’m staying in bed, again, today, I got up to get a drink and take a placenta tablet, I felt as weak as a kitten all over again. Walking hunched over as my tummy is sore, my fitness levels will take another battering hot on the heels of a cold. Thank goodness I’ve got my best friend arriving on Friday night from the UK to help me for a couple of weeks.
I need to sleep again, Hubs is going to bring Archie in for feeds. Gotta love him.

I’m on my phone, so apologies for any typos and skewiff formatting.

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