Sentimental Saturday – Cross Stitch

This cross-stitch was completed by our Dutch friends for my grandparents, over twenty years ago. The frame was made by my Grandad, its fragile, delicate and can’t be hung up any longer. My husband repaired the frame, so it is now secure and stable, provided it is only stood up, although I’ve been asked why don’t I just get it reframed; which would rather defeat the object of it being made by Grandad!

My grandparents did a house-swap with the Haring family for the first time back in the 1950s, three generations of the two families have kept in contact since then. This little cross-stitch says so much, made in Hoorn in Holland, hung in Eastbourne, then in various military houses across the South of England through my first marriage, now it sits amongst photos on a dressing table in Melbourne.

Next month, in two short weeks, my best friend is arriving from the UK to meet her Godson, take care of me for a bit and we’re going to drive on The Great Ocean Road for a mini-break. I know when I meet her at the airport we’ll be talking like we’ve never been apart. Just like I hope I do with everyone I’ve had to leave behind in the UK when I followed my heart to live with my husband Down Under. True friendship absorbs miles, trials and tribulations. You don’t need to see each other all the time, you just need to let each other know you love each other.

Aged Ps, Poo-Shit, Wiz, Jimbly, Mon Bears, Doomy, Sonic, GAD, Bec, Sara, Bitch-Troll and beloved Helen & Jenny. This one’s for you.


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