I had a bath

I ran a bath today. My first since before Archie was born. I’ve waited patiently for it, I had to wait six weeks for my scar to heal and my bleeding to stop.

Thursday Archie had his first set of injections, I also got a whooping-cough, diphtheria and tetanus booster at the same time. My arm is sore & I’ve got the snuffles, so Archie must be sore too. Yesterday, Friday, was also a big day, we went to watch Cadel Evans come home to Melbourne and were both out all day. We then had people over for dinner. Today I woke up in a funny mood; Despite Hubs doing the 1am feed so I slept from 10:30-4:30, (which was bliss and probably the longest stretch of sleep I’d had since April), I felt discombobulated. I went back to sleep after breakfast, but am still tired out now. 

Being grumpy round the edges, I wasn’t picking up on cheeky comments from Hubs, I was just getting cross as it sounded like he was being a smart arse. I needed some ‘me time’ I turned the taps on, ran the bath hot and deep. I can tell you it was 40c, as I popped Archie’s bath thermometer into it, as he was joining me for a quick dip before I laid back for a wallow.

Hubs brought him in, and he floated in the patchouli scented water. I had crumbled Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds into the water. Swishing him back and forth, he kicked his legs and grinned at us. Then Hubs took him out, dried & dressed him. I added more hot water. And a bit more hot water.

I laid back and put my head under the water to my ears. Silence. My hair floating like seaweed as I ran my fingers through it. My back relaxed as I floated in the tub. My mind switched off. I was on my own, with no baby attached to me, or holding onto me, I had no decisions to make, no washing to do, hang up, fold or put away, the housework can wait.

After washing my hair, I leant forward to look at the little rainbows reflected in the remaining bubbles, popping the bigger ones with my finger. I stole 20 minutes in a bath, on my own.

Mum, for every time I climbed in the bath to join you, I’m truly sorry.

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