Australian Mining

One of the main reasons why Australia is surviving in the financial turmoil is because of our mining industry. It is literally shoring up the economy. We are being subjected to all sorts of advertising from political parties at the moment. The carbon tax debate is also raging hot, Australia has one of the biggest … More Australian Mining

Eight weeks in and on Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression – three big, scary words. Ones that I’ve been afraid of given my past history and something I’m being vigilant about. As is my husband, as are my friends and family. It is also a subject that was mentioned at ante-natal classes, at every Maternal & Child Health check up, and discussed widely in … More Eight weeks in and on Post Natal Depression

I had a bath

I ran a bath today. My first since before Archie was born. I’ve waited patiently for it, I had to wait six weeks for my scar to heal and my bleeding to stop. Thursday Archie had his first set of injections, I also got a whooping-cough, diphtheria and tetanus booster at the same time. My … More I had a bath

Six weeks old

Our little boy is six weeks old tomorrow. He’s grown from 7lb 9oz to 9lb 8oz, whoa Mama! He’s also adorable, I know we’re biased as parents, but he is. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Being a c-section baby, he didn’t have a misshapen, squished head to sort out. His jaundice has gone, and … More Six weeks old