What routine?

So we’re still working on Archie time at the minute. I get up when he does during the night, feed him, burp him (some times more successfully than others), pop him back down and hope he settles quickly. Not least because I like my sleep, but also so he doesn’t wake his Papa during the week. He’s not doing too badly, he’ll go from around 9pm to 1am to 5am to 9am. The rest of the day he’s feeding around every 2-3 hours. It’s workable, particularly because he has a distinct squeak when he wants feeding. Archie is also very excited to see me when he’s been asleep, and woken up hungry. I know it’s not for me, per se, but it’s still lovely.

Tonight we were starting our new bedtime routine. Bath, massage, feed, burp, bed, all by 7pm. This went slightly skewiff due to him not falling asleep after his afternoon feed at 2:30,what with being stripped naked, weighed and measured at the maternal health nurse, he’d had a tough day, he’s also a bit snotty and was more than a bit frazzled. Peanut finally fell asleep on me about 5pm, and was still asleep at 7pm. Deciding between us we needed to move him, so we could either have dinner, or get him bathed; I put him in his cot, he woke up and had a complete meltdown. Hubs ran the bath, Peanut normally loves them, but this time was not particularly impressed and showed it. We skipped the massage as we want him to enjoy them, not associate them with him being stressed. Getting him dressed in his little terry towelling romper suit ready for bed, he was still grumpy. I fed him, which calmed him down, I got a couple of burps out of him, swaddled him and he went straight down. Fingers crossed he has a good night.

During the day the ‘routine’ goes a bit haywire, this was the first day this week I’d been washed and dressed before noon, which was great, until I fed him and leaked everywhere. I’m usually running around in my dressing gown until the early afternoon. So much for me getting him up and me up and out the door for a walk in the morning! After the feed about 9, when I’ve either got a burp out of him; or put him down, he grizzles with wind, so I get him back up and he then burps at me. Or he grizzles with wind, I get him back up and then he screams at me. Sometimes this goes on for a fair bit, hence me being in my dressing gown for a while. Because when he’s in full roar I don’t like leaving him so I can have a shower, blow dry my hair, get dressed etc. Besides which, after I’ve washed my hair, I’ve about a 5 minute window after I’ve towel dried it to then blow dry it, or I look like the wild woman of Borneo and I’ve got to wash it all over again. It’s still not quite long enough to just wash and put up in a pony tail to make my life a bit easier.

One thing I’ve learnt is that sometimes he will just cry. There is nothing I can do about it, except hold him close and reassure him. It’s his only way of communicating, sometimes it is deafening, sometimes it’s a cute little whimper. We’re both learning about each other, but he’s guiding me more than I’m trying to mould him into our lives. He’s still trying to sort out his days from his nights and he’s also only 28 days old. I’m feeding on demand, because we eat when we’re hungry, gradually the times between his feeds will begin stretch out as he gets older. However, by repeating the same behaviour over again, he’ll get used to what happens when he needs to go to sleep to help him learn to settle himself, but we decided to not be too regimented with him, as life isn’t regimented. The 7pm ‘curfew’ is recommended in various books and also today by the nurse, whether that is to give us time together as a couple, who knows. I’ll keep you posted on his progress.

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