In 3 1/2 weeks…

  • Hubs has become an expert in changing nappies, when he’d never changed one before
  • Walking around the house with a dressing gown on is de rigueur
  • Finding cold cups of tea in odd places (book shelves, change table, even the pantry) is normal, as is eating meals one-handed
  • We’ve gone from turning the heating off at night and sleeping nekkid, to having the heating on low, and sleeping with anything up to full clothing on
  • We’ve got used to the light from Hubs’ clock radio, whereas before it was too bright for us to sleep
  • We look at a clock, but it doesn’t register as ‘time’ anymore as we’re working to someone else’s schedule
  • I’ve gone back to under my pre-pregnancy weight as this little man is voraciously eating
  • I used to sleep for hours and hours and hours, now I just love a 10 minute cat-nap
  • I’ve upgraded from disposable breastpads (on the admissions list at the hospital) to washable ones, which are comfier and don’t scratch
  • Babywatching is an acceptable past-time

Having a newborn baby arrive in your life is hard work. There can be no denying it. But at the same time it’s rewarding, frustrating, exhilarating, tiring, joyous and as I watch my husband tend to his son’s needs, almost romantic. I love both my boys more each day. Hubs continues to astound me, his love, tenderness and compassion towards us both is bottomless.

I’m a very lucky girl.

What do you think..?

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