A little jaded

Thank goodness it’s the weekend. Thank goodness Hubs can have a relaxing couple of days to get over last night! Peanut was in full roar from 4pm-midnight. While we have no idea what set him off, I think it was the tiny drop of infacol I gave him to help his wind as he’d not burped after a feed. I’d tried to get one out of him, but failed miserably, I’ve used infacol a couple of times now and each time he’s been worse afterwards, but last night was unbelievable.

We tried for 4-5 hours to calm him down. We changed his bum, gave him a bath, changed his clothes, let him latch on to me for comfort, walked around with him in the Moby, everything. I called my cousin over, they both tried everything all over again for another 2 hours. I called the Maternal Health help line at 11pm, for some advice in case we’d missed anything. She told us that we need to reassure him and keep him secure and safe. No shit sherlock. She also told us to try a dummy/pacifier. Which I hate. But desperate, we bundled him up in his coat, kissed the cousins goodnight, and drove to a 24hr supermarket.

By the time we’d got there, he’d fallen asleep, driving home he stayed asleep, Hubs put him in his cot and we climbed into bed. I’ve never been so pleased to see a pillow in my life. Spooning each other, we reassured each other we’d done everything we could and slept till he woke up around 4am. I fed him, popped him back down, he slept through till 8am, Hubs had to collect him as I’d fallen asleep on my arm so had pins and needles all along it. After that feed, I changed him, then brought him back to our bed. Putting him up by the head board between our pillows, we slept until 11am.

Two showers later, we staggered over to Chadstone for breakfast. As the dishes from yesterday’s breakfast were still in the sink, I voted to eat out this morning. It was quickly seconded. As the coffees went down, and the food went in, I could visibly see Hubs relax and the tightness and stress get ironed out. My breakfast was so good, I nearly cried. The mushrooms were cooked with parsley to perfection, the tomato was slow roasted, the bacon and sausages were chock-full of piglety goodness and the eggs – were sheer heaven on a plate. I hope Peanut appreciated it all early this afternoon.

He’s now freshly changed into his cloth nappy, (I’m introducing them slowly over the coming week now his belly button stub has fallen off), he’s in his pram in the last patch of sunlight, chattering away to himself, looking like a little angel. The hardest part about last night wasn’t the screaming, or that whatever we tried didn’t help settle him, but that we don’t know what set him off for sure, so we can’t stop it from happening again.

Oh, the best bit? The midnight dash and sterilisation of said dummy? He absolute will not let you put it in his mouth…

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