My gap year

I didn’t go to university, by the time I’d finished college, I was over school and I knew I wouldn’t get anything out of going away to uni. Also, I didn’t know what I wanted to study, so it would have been a fruitless exercise.

I drifted about from job to job for a couple of years, mainly swimming pool based with teaching swimming and lifeguarding. But it wasn’t until I fell into Admin work that I started to find my calling. I’ve worked consistently since; working my way up to looking after high-ranking military officers, CEOs and Chairmen and helping run their lives. I’ve organised international conferences; written, collated and distributed Board papers; and just generally tried to make things a little easier for people who shouldn’t need to worry about administration.

I’ve only recently started travelling, Hubs has taken me to more places in the last 6 years than I’ve travelled to before. Until now, I’ve only ever taken a week or two, maximum three weeks leave in one hit. But I’ve just signed up for 12 months leave to look after Peanut. I’ve never had this much time away from work before. I’ve never had a child before either, but there are some things I would like to achieve before I go back to work. I want to return confidently knowing that I have grown and developed over the year I’m taking ‘out’.

I know Peanut is already my little zen master, he’s keeping me in the moment more effectively than any meditative practice I’ve used before. I can spend hours just watching him, watching the expressions flit across his face in his dreams. He loves his baths too, which I’m pleased about, as we both want him to be a water baby. As spring approaches (flipping slowly as it’s piddling it down today), there is a pool 5 minutes walk away from our house, so I can take him swimming. I want to get out the house every day for a walk, although due to a rough night with me having a slight tummy bug and the weather, I’ve admitted defeat on going out today. I’ve got books I want to read while he’s asleep, but mostly, I want to help my little man grow into a good person. The foundation of that starts with this year out, dedicating myself to his care, needs and attention.

I know we’ll make mistakes, you can’t not as a parent. I’m hoping he’ll guide us as much as we’ll guide him. But I’m sure that Hubs and I will muddle through with the help of friends and family and our little man will flourish.

What do you think..?

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