Adventures in parenting

I’m going to have to add another category to this blog, because some of the things we’ve got up to have been odd, strange or downright hilarious. Some of them you probably would have had to have been there for, but I’ll do my best to describe them for you.

  • Breast pads. Who knew the sticky bit went into your bra? If they were called ‘bra-pads’ we could have figured it out a lot quicker. We were laughing so hard when we realised what we’d done, we thought the midwives would wonder what we were up to.
  • Fireman Sam’s hose. We have a little boy, you can imagine the rest. Nice clean onsie and sleep suit, winky not quite in the right place after a nappy change, another nice clean onsie and sleep suit…
  • Clothing. Your newborn baby will most likely look lost in their clothes. Contrary to popular belief, everyone you know will buy the ‘next size’ as everyone thinks everyone else will get you newborn-sized clothes.
  • Projectile vomit. Who could have guessed that someone so small could eject a feed quite that far?


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