On cluster breastfeeding

Thankfully one of the midwives took the time to talk me through this, answer all my questions and then obviously handed over to her colleagues about cluster breastfeeding, who continued to help us until we left the hospital.

Between days 3-4, my milk arrived after building up over a day or so. ‘They’ tell you your boobs will get hard, but until it happens to you, you do not have any concept about they’re talking about. They were hot, lumpy – as your milk comes in, but in patches – and swollen from one armpit to the other. It was a sight to behold, and eye-wateringly painful.

I was told to persevere, keep going, push on through as it will get easier, but until just last night, 13 days after he was born, that was the first night I went to sleep with soft squishy boobs instead of hard bits, hot bits, painful bits. The hardest bit was getting enough milk in him so that he would settle at night. His tummy was still getting used to being fed, but the little amounts of milk weren’t sustaining him for more than about half an hour, as soon as he got enough milk in him, he’d sleep for a couple of hours. Through the day he goes 2.5-3 hours between feeds, but if he is in his pram, he’ll quite happily sleep through, waking up when he’s ready and avoiding the ‘clockwork’ feeding schedule. I’m feeding on demand, letting him tell me what he needs.

My milk is flowing quickly, to the point where Peanut will cough and splutter at times. We’ve also had a couple of possetts, one small barf and one projectile vomit all over him, me and thankfully mostly over a towel, not the bed. As my milk has come in, I’ve had to sleep on a towel, wrap myself in a towel, and after a shower, mop up with a towel. Aside from those couple of up-chucks, his latch is good, his tummy has been fine and he is slowly sleeping longer through the night. Last night I fed him about 11, he went down about 11:30, woke up at 3, went down about 4, and then up again at 7:40. Huzzah!

I’d just typed some more into here, but it’s lost it as I had timed out on the site, which is annoying. Not least because I can’t remember what I said, as I need to go to bed. Am more than a bit tired today. Hubs is taking good care of me though.

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