What’s in a name?

Our son Archie Ewan Matthew was born at 8:03 (EST) on 29 June. I’ll write up the full birth story next week when I’m home and can type it easier, but this little man has a pretty impressive monicker, here are our reasons for choosing his name.
Archie – This has been at the top of the list of names for a boy since before we left the UK. While we waited until lunchtime to see what he looked like before announcing his name; unless he looked nothing like an Archie, he was always going to be our little Archibald. We won’t call him anything other than the shortened version, but wanted him to have the full version on his birth certificate should he need it later in life on the pro-golf/tennis tour. Hubs remained firm on this name from the day we found out Peanut was a boy, his favourite cricketer is Archie Jackson, so we were prepared to have had some lengthy conversations around what else to call him. He’d prepared the ‘official’ text while I was still in recovery, convinced his son’s name was perfect.
Ewan – this was my name that I wasn’t backing down on. Only open for negotiation if Peanut didn’t suit Archie, as they flowed well together. This is one of my favourite names, full stop (others to follow), but I’ve named our son for Ewan McGregor.
Matthew – this was a no brainer. Matthew is the Don; the God Father to this boy. Always to be on his side, Matthew is to teach Archie about cricket, football (not soccer), and tell him what his Dad was like ‘When he knew him when…’

My other preferred names that we couldn’t use; Oscar, Felix and Milo. The first 2 are out because I know 2 people with them, the last is out because while in the UK it would be fine, in Australia it wouldn’t. The UK equivalent? Nesquick…

Other names on the list in case Archie didn’t fit; Louis, Joseph, Jacob, Elijah, Oliver, Alfie, William and Edward (shortened to Teddy).

2 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. ‘My other preferred names that we couldn’t use; Oscar, Felix and Milo’ – the first 2 sound like names of cats (and I have nothing against cats at all) and yes, Milo does remind me of Nesquick! And really, Elijah?! Anyway, I think that the choices you have made are good ones ;o) x


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