Keep your fingers crossed

You know when your phone rings, you see who the caller is and you really don’t think you should take the call? Our OB’s office called about half an hour ago. Haider needs to see me, today. This can’t wait till my scheduled appointment tomorrow.

He must have reviewed the scan results and seen something he needs to tell me, as that is the only recent test I’ve had. When I was there, I was told everything was fine. What does he need to see me so urgently about? I’ve called Hubs, and told him, but he can’t get to the appointment. I’ve called our stand-by labour person and left a message for her, and texted her as I know she’s not at work today. I hope she can meet me there. I hope I’m not going to hear the words ‘I’m sorry’ quickly followed by ‘We need to do the c-section’ because that will mean Peanut will be here on Thursday.

The house is ready, but I’m not. I’m all over the place worrying about what I may or may not hear in a couple of hours. I’ve also got a couple of things left to do for work…

Oh fuckityfuck.


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