Not at my most elegant

We had fifth and (hopefully) final ultrasound scan today, three more than normal what with one thing and another. I whizzed off to Mulgrave on my own, Hubs has tomorrow off to come with me to the OB appointment in the morning in case of mild hysteria. The traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought, so I sat in the car park listening to the tail end of a podcast for 10 minutes.

Even though I got there early, I was late going in and she’d just gooped me up when the DVD drive doofee in the computer they record to for their records decided to shut itself off, so we had to wait for it to reboot and sort itself out. Consequently we over-ran by nearly 15 minutes, not a good start to their day. I warned her that my pelvis was sore, so if she was going to look at my cervix again, could she be gentle please?

Here are some stats for you:

  • Waistline 30.58cm
  • Weight 2.9kg or 6lb 3oz, (already!)
  • Placenta, mostly round the front now, but 4cm clear to cervix
  • Cervix, long and most definitely closed shut – he’s planning on being in there a while!

The scan went well, but she kept going over the same things, like umbilical chord flow, placenta flow and heartbeat until I asked her ‘Is everything ok, you keep running the same test?’ she said she liked getting a nice clear trace, but everything was fine. Be that as it may, your OCD on getting a neat and tidy trace worries the person on the table who just sees you looking at the same thing over and over again!

I could see him practicing his breathing, waving an arm around, and it is his leg that gets stuck round by my side, his spine runs up my right hand side, with his bum at the top of my bump. I think this is because I sleep facing out the bed, on my right hand side, I do try to sleep on my left, but I just can’t settle looking in, so always roll over. We also checked out his winky again, he is a boy! *very proud Mama*

After looking at everything she could, she said she wanted to look at my cervix, so I wiggled out of one leg of pants and trousers, not easy to do when lying prone and up she went. Trying to look at the placenta in more detail she kept pressing (admittedly gently, but still) on my tummy, which made my eyes cross and as she was also pressing on Peanut’s head, set off a flurry of kicks and arm flailing. When she decided she was happy with the trace (!) she left me to clean up. When you are out to here, you can’t see down there to clean up. When you are out to here, your tummy muscles have spread wide open and aren’t as effective. I felt like I was a turtle that a small child had turned upside down for fun. It took a while to get up, not least because the bed is narrow, so I couldn’t roll over and leverage myself up with knees and things. It is one of the reasons why I like seeing Haider, he always gives me his hand to help heave me up off the bed after he’s had a rummage around over my belly.

Here he is for you, looking like a mini-me of his Papa. Goodness those family genes are strong!

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