Hormonal and tired

Last night Hubs and I decided on an early night, we cuddled up together, he spooning ‘both of you’. How romantical. It was a chilly night in Melbourne, so for once we didn’t over heat next door to each other. I was just dropping off when Hubs jumped in his dream and scared the shit out of me.

We adjusted the covers, settled back down, and I laid there. And laid there. Nearly two hours later when the restless legs started up, and he was snoring, I gave up. I got my water bottle, folded towel for supporting Peanut’s bump, iPhone and charger and went into the spare room. I plugged my phone in, put an audiobook on, tucked it under my pillow and tried to get comfortable. A little plaintive wail from our bedroom ‘Where are you?’ I said I didn’t want to keep nudging him to stop him from snoring as it wasn’t fair, so I’d come in here as I couldn’t sleep. ‘Ok, zzzzzz.’

I’ve no idea what time I got back off again, but I had a to get up and leave sharpish this morning as I was meeting people for breakfast to try out a new venue and chew the fat before work. It was worth getting up for, The Pour Kids in Malvern. I had the best breakfast out I’ve had for a long while. I didn’t eat lunch till 2pm!

This evening we met with a friend who used to work with us, just before we left the office it got too much for me. My to-do list has increased, not decreased and I’ve effectively got 4-5 hours left with my incumbent to coach her through. I started crying, and couldn’t really stop. Now, four hours and a glass of wine later, I feel better. Insofar, I’ve stopped crying, I’m now just weary. I’m definitely getting Hubs’ (or someone else’s) cold, my chest is tight, my nose is snuffly and my eyes hot and itchy. I’m so close, so close, to finishing, yet the line is moving away from me, not getting closer.

I feel this boy inside me, waving his arms and legs around; I’m 36 weeks tomorrow, he could arrive any time, and I am still worrying about finishing stuff off at work. I’ve asked to move my DipMan meeting to next week; I’ve a meeting with the CEO to discuss me working from home next week; we’ve our 3 month house inspection next week; the painter wants to come in next week to repair the water damage from the huge storms over Melbourne just before we moved in…

One of the ladies I talk to on my pregnancy forum could not wait for her baby to arrive, she is being induced as I type, but the reason she can’t wait? She’s going to lie in bed for 5 days, her meals will be brought to her, she doesn’t have to do housework, she doesn’t have to worry about anything other than her newborn. She actually said it was going to be like a holiday, which I thought she was crazy about. Now, I beginning to see her point. I want this part of my life to conclude, so I can get on with the next bit, which is to rest up and finish cooking this baby.

What do you think..?

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