Busy weekend, again

The best laid plans of mice. I was going to study all yesterday so that I could go into work this morning secure in the knowledge that one big thing I needed to do was done.

Yeah right.

We took the opportunity of having the BIL’s car to collect the cot we’re being lent. When we got home, cleaned and assembled it, we then moved the chair from the living room for night feeds into Peanut’s room (maybe should start calling it nursery?), leaving us with a chair shaped hole in the living room. As we had the bigger car, we decided to go to IKEA to buy the couch we’d planned to buy a few months ago after we’d walked round the house working out what furniture we could use for two purposes. Yesterday was a public holiday, we girded our loins, (literally in my case), and toddled off. Complete with labour bag, bin bags and towels in case of water breakage. As we approached the car park, I scribbled a note to leave on the bag saying ‘This is full of things to help me labour and deliver our baby, I’m 8 months pregnant. There is nothing valuable in here!

The car park wasn’t as full as it can be, so we were optimistic for a quick getaway. While we were indeed in and out within an hour, including grabbing a jacket potato for lunch, I still can spot the people who’ve never been to an IKEA before and have either a look of amazement on their faces or just are shell-shocked at everything and are frozen in the aisles. One lady was standing in front of napkins, ‘They’re so cheap!’ but just standing there. Well, grab some love and move on…

The couch we wanted to buy originally came in one piece with cushions, that had to be delivered to our first flat here as we couldn’t fit it in the car (unsurprisingly). This time round, the same couch has been broken down and now fits in one long box. We knew the assembled couch would fit in the Territory, but looking at the box we weren’t sure. I said, ‘We’ll be alright’ as the box was long, but not very high, so there were going to be things either at one end or the other that we could move out the box and put on top. While Hubs went off to get the car, I sat down and waited for him; laughing my arse off at people trying to firstly reverse their cars into the spaces at an angle, but then trying to pack them full of boxes and ‘stuff’. We loaded our car easily, and as predicted the box wasn’t going to fit by about 1cm, so we opened the box, ripped off some cardboard, folded back a bit more and the door shut. So much for boy’s spatial awareness…

We got back home (again), unpacked the car (again) and within about an hour had gone from a neat and tidy house, to utter carnage with plastic wrapping, cardboard and other packing stuff all over the place. It took about 2 hours to get it back into some semblance of order, and tidy up. Dinner was a case of re-heating a stew from the slow-cooker, then we started doing the ironing. Half way through doing my stuff, my body said ‘Enuf’. So I stopped. While I know I probably did too much yesterday, I did just keep plodding along, but the bonus of doing that amount? I slept all night. I only remember waking up once for a drink, not four or five times. Not that I recommend doing that amount again, or will be doing that amount again!

What do you think..?

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