We should have a warning hanging out the front of the house, Hubs is in full flow with his annual cold, he doesn’t get sick very often, he does have an iron constitution, but boy when he’s ill, he is ill. He had to go into work for a tool-box meeting with his team, but was back home by 10:30, he crawled into bed and stayed there till I got home. He’s moved to the couch and had his dinner, and after watching the Simpsons, will head back to bed.

I’m struggling with a cold, whether it is the same one as Hubs’ or not remains to be seen as I’m about a day behind him, and half the office was wrapped up in scarves and guzzling lemsip today. I’m living from panadol dose to panadol dose and covered in Vicks, taking ridiculous amounts of Vitamin C and generally trying to hang on till the long weekend – it’s the Queen’s Birthday public holiday on Monday.

The house has an air of eucalyptus around it, and piles of tablets and stepsil packets all over the place. Peanut has been really wiggly this afternoon, I had to stand up and sway from side-to-side to try and calm him down. After getting kicked repeatedly in the same place, I got an ice pack out the freezer and plonked it on my side. His foot retreated in a hurry! I’m not sure he was happy about it, but my side is getting bruised and sore with him stretching his left leg out.

When I got home and checked on Hubs, he stroked my bump and Peanut calmed down for the first time all day, he’s now started up again, so I’m going to retreat to the couch to sit with him, hopefully his voice will help calm him down again. I’m 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I’ve been in my OB waiting rooms with a lady who delivered her baby at 35 weeks. I need him to stay put for at least 2 preferably 3 more weeks.

What do you think..?

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