Holy crap Batman

I have 6 full days left at work. And about 2 months worth of work to fit into them. Remind me whose idea was this to have a child again? Yes, I know this sounds like it should be on the baby blog, but bear with me OK?

When I was growing up, I was one of those children who tidied cupboards. Literally pulling everything out to put it all back in again, preferably sorted out into types, piles, similar objects in the process. Even now, tidying up is one of my favourite things, as is housework generally. Talking about it at work last week, I had to think long and hard about a job round the house I didn’t like doing, and could only come up with wiping up. Pathetic really. I take great pleasure in the house being tidy, neat, clean and knowing where I’ve put my keys, so it’s something else I don’t have to try to remember.

Over the past 4 months, I’ve spent a lot of time writing hand-over notes on procedures for my incumbent to be able to have a reference point so they can run the office while I’m out. I say run the office, I also look after the CEO, make sure she has everything she needs, including a closed-door when she’s snowed in. I assist in projects across the Leadership Team, support HR and the Compliance Officer and also make sure we don’t run out of stationery supplies. It is a big, bouncy, gloriously busy role, and I love it.

Before I leave next Friday, I need to:

  • Do the archiving that’s been sat at the back of my office for however long it’s been sat there for
  • Complete the Business Continuity Plan
  • Finish gathering information on how much it would cost for us to move offices and write a draft proposal for funding

Three teeny little things, well, one little thing and two large things. I also need to complete two projects for my DipMan. I also need to ensure the fearless lady that is stepping into the breech is happy, settled and trained to the best of my ability. I don’t recommend condensing over a year’s worth of knowledge into 2 weeks, it just can’t be done, not without a nervous twitch and some loss of sanity.

So aside from the projects, there is the day-to-day stuff. Then I have some niff-naff and trivia I need to tidy up. Then there is also a Board Committee meeting, a Board meeting and a forum to minute and a little project to upload to our website. If, IF, I get everything done. I’ll be hiding under a rock for a week or so. I already know that despite officially finishing work next Friday, I will be logging on to work from home the following week doing the things that I can do from here, and not be in the office for.

Imagine what it would be like if I wasn’t organised, it just doesn’t bear thinking about. Oh, and if you can tell me where my OCD stops and Nesting starts, Hubs would be grateful too.

What do you think..?

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