Week 34 and an upside down baby

I’ve officially got 9 days left at work, we’ve a public holiday next week for the Queen’s birthday, and about 39 days until he arrives. To say that I am getting close is an understatement.

I’m still feeling remarkably relaxed, all my worry about breech baby and c-section lifted last Monday when I saw the OB. While he still might recommend a c-section, the chances are a lot less now, it just depends on how much weight this here child puts on. Here are two photos, three weeks apart for your perusal:


White top, 31 weeks breech baby. Black top, 34 weeks upside down baby. The difference in the size and shape of the bumps is marked, please excuse the glare in the white top. I was concentrating on covering up my boob as it was a cold morning, ahem!

As Peanut was 4lb at the 30 week scan, her best guess, not always accurate, he could be heading to 6lb now. I’ve got another OB appointment on 14 June, then another on 23 June, which is when the decision will be made to go au naturale, or through the sun roof. Needless to say, for that meeting, Hubs is coming with me, in case of minor hysterics. Not least because Peanut will be delivered on 30 June, a week later which is a bit O.O making.

Having an upside down baby makes for interesting movements. When he kicks like a frog with both legs, my whole belly jumps, when he stretches one or more legs out, the bump gains a lump, or two. His latest trick is to stretch with his left leg, right round to my ribs, then his foot will get stuck. Sometimes instead of pulling it back in again, he’ll push it a bit further, which frickin hurts. Hubs had his hand on my bump while he did that this morning, and was quite excited to feel a foot. In the meantime, I’m lying next to him going >.< ‘Owee, yes that’s lovely darling’.

While he is lower, he’s still not sat right on my bladder, so I’m not making mad dashes to the bathroom every 10 minutes, I’m hoping he holds off on dropping down until I’ve finished work. But who knows what will happen. This whole journey has been good for me, I’m much more relaxed than I thought I would be. I’ve loved letting my body do what it was designed to do, and just sit in the middle of it all and watch it happen. While I am more tired now and wilt quickly in the evenings, compared to some of the ladies in the forum and those I follow on Twitter, I’ve been very blessed with what appears to have been an easy pregnancy. There is something to be said about preparing your body here methinks.

I only hope that all this preparation allows me to complete the journey and go full circle. I really want to huff and puff and push this baby out. I know that the experience will teach me a lot, I don’t want to miss it. I know the end result is a healthy baby and mama, I’m not stupid. But I also know I will need to work through a lot of regret and sadness if I have to have a c-section, which when I should be concentrating on a new baby is not what I want to be feeling.

Que sera sera.

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