I saw Dr Najjar today, he asked how I was feeling, how I was getting on, the usual. My blood pressure was normal (as normal) and as I settled back for him to check Peanut he asked if I thought he’d rotated round.

I said no, and told him that it feels like he’ll go so far, then ping back upright. Feeling my tummy he said, “Let’s put the scan on him.” Cold goop, then a perfect head showing in my pelvis. I asked twice if he was sure, he told me Peanut definitely was bum up, I wept with relief.

I got to see his heart beating inside his ribs, all that was recognisable through my tears and just sat there and grinned. Because Peanut is fairly big, Dr Najjar doesn’t think he’ll rotate back up, but you never know. We are officially on course to deliver naturally again.

Now Hubs and I are trying to work out when the heck he rolled over, as I felt his head up by my ribs on Sunday. He’s fidgeting around a lot still, watching him for the first couple of days and seeing if I recognise any movements will be interesting. Although, I could do without the reflex star-shape Ooooh! I’ve been startled, I got one of them today and it hurt.

What do you think..?

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