Ups & Downs 11

As we begin to wind up this journey, here are our latest Ups & Downs.


  • Rolling over in bed means waking up enough to concentrate on what I’m doing
  • I will weep over the slightest thing on TV at the drop of a hat
  • I am fed up with trying to fit everything in, and am officially looking forward to finishing work on 17 June
  • I don’t have half the energy I had even a few weeks ago, but I can’t just stop and sleep which is what my body is crying out for me to do


  • The end is in sight, with only the pram/ pushchair combo and car seat to go before we can both say we’re happy with everything here
  • We’ve met some lovely couples through our antenatal classes, I hope we can keep in touch with some of them
  • I’ve a massage booked for tomorrow night, which if my OB is running late as I’m due to meet him 90 minutes beforehand; I will rearrange him to not miss the massage!
  • I also cannot not write this, but I’m not sure how to say it. As we get closer to decision day on C-Section, I’m getting a leetle bit anxious. I know I need to concentrate on the healthy arrival of Peanut, and I am trying not to worry about it (honest), I feel unutterably sad that the one thing I want, I won’t get, sniffle.


What do you think..?

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