Slowing down

I’m at 32 weeks and 6 days, I’ve already joked about how I’m in full waddle, but it’s a walk that your body takes on without you even realising. Trying to balance out baby, placenta, fluid and womb without putting too much pressure on your hips, pelvis and spine I guess. All I know is, I am walking like I’ve pooped myself.

Seeing my chiro last night, she said that she was much happier with my posture and balance than she had been after the last two times she had seen me. Moral of the story is, don’t drive to QLD and back in 2 and a bit weeks whilst with child. My pelvis was now back in alignment, my back was stable and all in all I was in much better shape.

So how come I feel like a little old woman? I had to collect something from the Post Office for work today; I’d been sat for most of the morning, although I do get up and move around every hour, but walking up the road at lunch I had to hold onto my bump from underneath as it was sore. My hip flexors feel like they are so flexed, they will never return to normal. My pelvis feels like someone is sat on it, hang on, someone is. My ribs are bashed and battered from the inside, and honestly the right hand side of my bump where someone stretches out to, actually feels bruised.

I’ve gone from having boundless energy to yes, having energy, but I’m going yawn all day. I still wake up and I’m up and awake, but really don’t want to move from my bed. I’m fantasising about the booked lie-in on Sunday like it is George Clooney. I was sound asleep when Hubs was spooning me this morning, his hand on my bump, he was amazed at how much Peanut was moving around, and that I could sleep through it all. Peanut has been really busy for about a week now, even more than normal, if that is possible. You’re supposed to count 10 movements an hour. Sometimes I get to 10 movements in a minute, then think ‘I can’t keep counting, I’ve got other things to do’. He’s quiet now, but I know that any minute I’ll get a thump or a kick, and he’ll be off again.

We think he is trying to turn around, but he’ll only rotate so far, then ping back up again. This I know does make my bump sore, as you’d expect (just had a thump BTW) when you’ve got something that big trying to move around completely. I also get restless as I have to sit bolt upright,  or lean backwards to give him more room. Each night I’m also kneeling, bum in air, head down to mattress which is a recommended position to help him turn. It is all glamour.

Getting out the shower this morning I also recognised that the girls have changed again. Not getting too descriptive here, they are my boobs after all, but I hope they go back vaguely to what they were like before. Mainly because if they stay this size, they’re gonna get in the way.

On the whole I am impressed with my body, it has served me well and I honestly still feel fab overall. I’m just noticing that I really, really can’t do much without having to have a sit down, or a snooze. Unfortunately, I can’t get a snooze in at work any more, I can’t lie flat on my back with a cushion under my head and be expected to get up off the floor without a crane. I could nod off in my car, but I’d have to park downstairs, and stairs are hard work.

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