Guilty as charged

I know I’ve not updated this as often as I would like, or as you would like either to keep up with us and what’s been going on, and I apologise. Life is getting in the way, but after this Saturday, life should return to some semblance of normality (what’s that then?).

I’ve volunteered the last 2 weekends, and have one more to go before the baby arrives. I’ve already written about how I wanted to be Lily again, and believe me, I’ve loved working with the groups again. But it has curtailed the time we’ve had available to get stuff done. Add to that fortnightly chiro appointments, weekly ante-natal classes, going into work early and Hubs helping his brother pack up his house into storage, the past few weeks have fairly whizzed past. I wanted to do some housework, nothing major, just a little bit but after dinner, I’ve just collapsed onto the couch or into bed. I’m lucky if I reach 9pm at the moment. However today, after seeing the chiro again and getting home earlier than planned, I’ve done a load of washing (2 if you count the one I left on timer this morning, Hubs put the bedding in the tumble dryer for me and made the bed to boot with fresh linen), I did the washing up, cleaned the kitchen, including all the rice I fired over the hob when I made Nasi Goreng on Sunday, and am about to do some ironing.

You can call it second wind, you can call it nesting, or you can call it housework. I think I’ve just reached saturation point of living in chaos. My mission for the remaining two evenings available to me this weekend (I’ve acupuncture on Thursday) to do a little bit more, so that when Sunday rolls around and I’m lying in bed on my booked lie-in, I don’t have to lie there with a list of things to do around the house rattling around inside my head. I need a day off, I’m reaching the end of the pregnancy, and Peanut appears to be growing quickly. He was right under my ribs this morning, which was very uncomfortable, if he was just lying there it wouldn’t be so bad, but he was waving an arm around. I never knew he could reach that high up.

I know you’re relying on these blogs, particularly my coven in the UK to keep up with the news, as I’m also a 100+ behind on my emails at home, I will try to update them more often. As you may have read on the baby blog, we may have to have a C-Section on 30 June, so instead of the leisurely month(ish) I had planned at home to catch up on admin and laze around resting up, before he decided to make his entrance; I might get a whole 13 days, but we won’t know what’s going on until the appointment on 23 June. In which case, it will be as Juno said, ‘Thundercats are GO!’


While we’re on the subject of Peanut, when he’s born, we’re not taking a camera into the delivery room with us. Hubs and I have talked about this, and both view it as ‘our time’, we’re welcoming our son into the family. We will put a photo up on the blog and on twitter to show everyone he’s here and he’s safe. But there is one caveat, this is the only photo of him going online.

While we are happy to email photos to you and you are welcome to take photos of him, please don’t publish them. The implications of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace et. al. are still to shake down from cyberspace into real life and we want to protect him, which starts from day one. If we find out you’ve published a picture of him other than the original one, in the nicest possible way, you will be out of our lives.

What do you think..?

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