A note on baby pictures

I’ve written about this before, but I’m going to cover it again and we’ll keep reminding people about a somewhat contentious (to some) decision Hubs and I have made.

When Peanut’s born, we’re not taking a camera into the delivery room with us. Hubs and I have talked about this, and both view it as ‘our time’, we’re welcoming our son into the family. We will put a photo up on the blog and on twitter to show everyone he’s here and he’s safe. But there is one caveat, this is the only photo of him going online.

While we are happy to email photos to you and you are welcome to take photos of him, please don’t publish them. The implications of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace et. al. are still to shake down from cyberspace into real life and we want to protect him, which starts from day one. If we find out you’ve published a picture of him other than the original one, in the nicest possible way, you will be out of our lives.

What do you think..?

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