Friday 13th

I am not superstitious, to be honest, so many things have gone tits-up in my life, but on the other side of the coin, so many things turned out so wonderfully from the fall-out from those events. I can’t be bothered to look up why people have issues with this date, nor why people cross themselves in the UK when Magpies fly past them. However, Friday wasn’t a great day.

I’d booked a chiro appointment first thing, but before 8am the phone rang to say that she’d been up all night with her sick baby, so all her patients were being moved around. I was offered 3:15 and took it as I couldn’t see her the next day, Saturday. I headed into work, it was raining, cold and windy, in which weather Melbourne drivers seem to leave their brains behind, causing a hair-raising drive into the office.

Opening the door, I got lots of expectant faces turned towards me and was complained at by 4 people that it was cold. The heating wasn’t working. It was cold. They were freezing. ‘Hello’ seemed to have disappeared from their vocabulary. Looking at the temperature it was 15c in the office, so I called the Property Manager’s office. Closed till 9am, please call the emergency number. Called the emergency number and reported the fault. I sent an email out telling the staff that I’d called someone out, so they didn’t need to keep telling me it was cold in the office, as one lady kept going on, and on, and on about it. About half an hour later, I called the Property Manager to let them know I’d had to call the emergency number, after answering my call, the bint in the office said ‘Can I put you on hold?’ without waiting for a response, she cut me off. I called back, same again. Thought ‘Poke it’.

The company who were assigned to come out to us called me to check what access they would have to the air conditioning. I had no idea, but helped them as best I could. Their tradie arrived just before lunchtime, so I was then trying to answer his questions about the building. I gave him the Property Manager’s contact details and wished the tradie good luck trying to speak to him, he got through to the PM first time, and apparently he wasn’t happy to find someone on site. Well, that is why you have an out of hours number, and if your receptionist handled calls properly, it wouldn’t be an issue.

I was also trying to get a series of meetings into my principal’s diary, and was on and off the phone all morning, as well as trying to tee up second interviews for my replacement. The incoming calls for some reason were also going crazy, I took more calls on Friday morning than I do in a normal week. We’ve an off-site forum next Friday so I headed into a meeting to cover off what I needed to do, then thought about how we’re all going to fit everything in. A courier turned up for a parcel that wasn’t wrapped, sealed or even in a box ready to go, the second time this week. One lady I needed to talk to on Friday I gave up after about 5 goes, and had to leave a message for her, I just hope that Monday will be ok and not too late to talk to her.

I had 5 things on the list I wanted to do before I could leave. On arriving at the office, I knew I had time to do all of them. I did two. A couple of other things got added through the day, but I left work, (late and flustered), for my chiro appointment clutching papers that I’ve just spent an hour on a Sunday afternoon going through.

All in all it wasn’t the best day I’ve had at the office. After the chiro appointment, I headed into Chadstone so I could collect our mail, buy the baby bath and some other supplies. I did some food shopping, then came home collapsed on the couch and stayed there for most of the evening, absolutely spent.

Saturday I went out with Interchange, we were taking 4 special needs teenagers out for the day. As always volunteering is always a sense check. Friday was difficult, but I don’t have a set of 14 year old twins that have to be lifted out of bed, washed and prepared for the day before they can leave the house. It is also a day where I am just Lily.

  • Not Lily who is behind on her emails and other projects.
  • Not Lily who is behind on her ironing and housework.
  • Not Lily who is pregnant.
  • Not Lily who hasn’t brought pram/nappies and other baby paraphernalia

I was just me. And boy did I need that. People have wondered why I’m volunteering now at 31, 32 and indeed 33 weeks pregnant (as I’m booked in for the next 2 weekends as well). I need some me-time, some self-care badly.

Taking care of your self takes many forms. Carving time out your diary to be you, is just one of them. My life, our married life, and our marriage, is going to change rapidly in a very short space of time. Which is one of the reasons I was so upset after the visit to the Egypt display this morning. There aren’t many things left that are booked into our diary where it’s just the two of us, it wasn’t just about seeing the artifacts. It was more about quality ‘us’ time. Hubs has been to Egypt, seen the places where this exhibition should have pointed us to. We both wanted to walk round together, look at and be awed by the artefacts. We got more knowledge from watching the programmes on SBS earlier in the year where they talked through the tomb and showed that it was due to be somebody elses’, and when Tutankhamun died early, they just had to make do with what they had available.

Still, we had a nice breakfast while we discussed the cultural foibles of living in Australia, which is so far away from all the major exhibitions that quite happily are shared around Europe.

What do you think..?

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