Purchases have started in earnest

Today I had the chiropractor, originally scheduled for first thing in the morning, I got a call before 8am to say that as her daughter had been up all night with a fever, could I come in the afternoon. I rearranged my day, cleared it with my boss and left the office early. It was a bit chaotic at the clinic, so I waited for a while, but took the opportunity to focus on my breathing and relaxed after what was not a great day at work. I’ll blog about that on the other one, as it’s not at all pregnancy related!

After she’d sorted me out and I’d got my boots back on, no mean feet (boom boom) I can tell you, she gave me the number of her acupuncturist who specialises in pregnant people, and in particular, getting babies to turn around. Peanut appears to be riding width ways today, head under my left ribs, which doesn’t make for a comfortable mama I can tell you. I then headed to the shopping mecca of Chadstone and straight into Mothercare. I brought the bath and top & tail bowl in a set, which was good value, given most baths on their own are around $30. I also got a play mat and mobile.

I then headed to the house of Target, where I splurged on some enormous knickers to hold the enormous maternity pads, as soon as I am feeling remotely like myself again, they are going straight into the bin *nods* I also brought supplies for the ‘Labour Goodie Bag’, energy drinks, some dried fruit, lip balm, toothbrush and paste etc. and will dig out the massage oil on Sunday. We’re officially packing the bag this weekend, even if it stays open on the bed in Peanut’s room, Hubs said he would be happier if we were ready to go. Who am I to argue; when I pack to go away for a weekend, it takes me a week to think about it, two hours to pack, an hour to faff about wondering if I’ve forgotten anything, then while I’m away stress I’ve left something at home.

I’m feeling quite proud of myself actually, I managed to navigate myself to all the shops I needed to go to without doubling back on myself, which is probably a first.

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