Ultrasound results are in

After an awful journey through nose-to-tail traffic and rain, I arrived slightly flustered to find Hubs waiting with his calming influence at the clinic. Called in immediately, she dove straight into looking low down in my pelvis, which hurt lots, and then decided that as Peanut was lying where he was she’d look at him first before checking the placenta.

Head and brain looked ok, although where he’s busy growing in bone density she could only measure a few bits. Measured round his waist, which neither of us can remember how big it was, but both head and waistline were measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, his thigh bone was right for dates though. There was plenty of fluid around him, and 3cm clear from cervix to placenta. She said, “Plenty of room for him to turn around and engage” He’s about 4lb 2oz at the moment.

I cannot tell you how much of a relief that is. So here he is, our little Peanut. The last time we’ll see him until we meet face to face:

What do you think..?

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