Hand-me-downs and re-gifting

Make do and mend! This was the call to everyone during the lean, austere years, and this philosophy is slowing coming back into vogue. For which I am grateful.

I type this from my sick-bed, I am tucked up nursing a cold which is not what I would like to be nursing at the moment, but as Peanut hasn’t finished cooking yet, I need to be patient. But I’m not a good patient; I get frustrated with myself, constantly apologise for being ill, and get grumpy. To help my mood along, I’ve washed a load of baby blankets, I’m now washing a load of muslin cloths. All given to me, for free, by a friend at work. She’s already given me a bottle steriliser, toys, clothes and we’ve had long conversations where she’s reassured and cheered me up, that what I’m feeling is normal.

I got a text last night, the cot we’re being lent by another friend at work, again for free, is ready to be collected.

We’ve been overwhelmed by generosity of people who’ve recognised that there is a new baby coming into the world, so maybe they ought to go through the stuff they’ve got in the house and clear it out. We’ve literally had bags of things to sort through. Anything we don’t want we’ve given to charity, ensuring the cycle continues.

I keep banging on about the endless lists of things you as new parents are told we need, must have, all ready to go before your baby comes home from hospital. Thanks to the generosity of others, our list of purchases is getting smaller and smaller. Peanut will be our one and only child (I also keep banging on about this too, but no-one’s listening), I’m not reluctant to buy things we’re going to use over and over, I’m reluctant to buy things we’re not going to use. But come what may, as he grows out of things and grows up, we’re going to wash and carefully pack up everything we can so that someone else can get some use out of them.

Be more with less. It’s such a simple philosophy, but really opens your eyes to the consumerist, wasteful society we live in.

What do you think..?

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