Week 30 and Ups & Downs 10

It’s official, we’ve clicked into the ‘OMG, he’s going to be here soon’ countdown. Today I started pulling out a selection of clothing for Peanut to wear in Waverley Private, and also washed and folded (I’m NOT ironing them) the two pairs of PJs I’m taking with me into hospital. We also discussed what bag we would need to pack to take with us, 5 day hospital stay? It will be larger than a weekend bag, so we’re going to use the suitcase and be done with it.

Headed out to look at tumble dryers today; this house is lovely and cool when it’s warm, and lovely and cool when it’s cool, means that washing is taking forever to dry. I’ve resisted buying one since we arrived here, normally you’re going to get at least one warmish day each week to allow you to dry your towels and bedding outside, but not lately! We’ll pick it up at some point over the next month. It will also come in handy come nappies, muslin cloths et al. washing. I just don’t think they’re very eco-friendly, so will use it just when I have to.

We also brought the nappy buckets today, two different colours so I can keep track of the bucket that’s been soaking and needs washing vs. the bucket that was started that morning. This week has been busy, I’ve been worn out in the evenings, but I’m hoping by us doing the majority of the housework today too, we can potter through the week and keep on top of it now. Slowly over the coming weeks, more and more baby stuff will be arriving at the house, but still far less than what is ‘expected’ of us!

Here are our latest Ups and Downs:


  • I still forget at times that I can’t carry as much, walk as fast or clean as much as I’m used to doing. Getting reminded I’ve done too much is sometimes breath-taking, sometimes painful, but mostly results in tiredness. Today I cleaned both bathrooms, and felt it, my bump was sore and I had to sit down on the couch. I’m still here over an hour later.
  • Although expected and prepared for, my back has been stiff since we arrived home. Combination of not being in our bed and the drive I guess, but my chiro and I are working on ironing it out.
  • I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Peanut being breech, and him not having enough room to turn if the placenta hasn’t co-operated and lifted out the way. Then I found out Haider was going to be away for a bit before I was due, so if everything is ok, and I go into labour, who would look after me from his practice?
  • I got pretty upset when Hubs and I were talking about our contingency person in case he can’t get to the hospital. Then I thought about all the girls I’d left behind who I could have asked to come in to hospital with me, and had a wave of homesickness for my coven, that still gets my eyes hot and prickling with tears when I think about them now.
  • Both those last two were also worrying for Hubs, I’ve been pretty laid back about the whole thing, this was the first time I got upset about anything in ages, so he was understandably concerned about me.
  • Having tea in the morning is making me feel queasy, heaven alone knows why, but it’s started up the claggy, thick throat again. I’ve also noticed that again, I’m eating smaller amounts, but then getting hungry really quickly, I’ll go from feeling full to rumbling in about 5 minutes flat. Makes planning meals hard work.
  • We’re getting distinct arm and leg movements that we can see through my skin. It’s still a bit gross, but mostly lovely. I’ve got nothing to compare this to, but he is so active, I feel him moving around most of the day. He very rarely wakes me up at night, but last Hubs struggled to get to sleep, at one point we were spooning each other and gently talking, Peanut also woke up and walloped me from the inside, then wiggled around for about 10 minutes.
  • I got my hair did this week, I’ve received loads of people giving me compliments about how it looks. But it was just lovely heading into the CBD to be pampered for a couple of hours. I don’t know when I’m going to see Ange again, so I got it dyed all one colour, and will make my next appointment to see her when I know what’s going on with the delivery.
  • Although I’m tired in the evening, I’ve still got lots of energy at work (thank goodness given how busy we are), we had a training afternoon yesterday which was held outdoors, it was lovely to be outside, but buying myself a cuppa was also nice. My hands were chilly, so cupping them round the hot liquid was great, and reminded me again of the UK. While my tea was being made, I borrowed their ‘facilities’ and was surprised to see that I’ve lost weight round my face. I’ve got less of a chin than I had before I got pregnant. I’ve still only put on 8kg, unless I get a sudden surge in weight gain, (unlikely with the daily walks, swimming and smaller portions) I’ll end up smaller at the end than I was at the beginning. Which is surprising.
  • Swimming on Monday morning. I went at 6ish, so it was still pitch-black outside, but I still swum outside in the 50m pool. This was blissful for a number of reasons: I felt weightless, I was able to lie-back, looking at the dark sky, steam rising off the water around me, lying there with my mind empty, just enjoying floating; My arms and shoulders got a work out, walking is fine for my legs, but I still feel ‘half-done’ when I’ve walked, I like the all over feeling of a work out that swimming gives me. Although I did notice my centre of gravity was affecting my stroke, I wobbled around all over the lane, so it was a good job I was the only person in it!

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