My body is treading a fine line at the moment. I went to see my Chiro last night, and came out feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. Except for one day where I’d sat all day at work, then sat all evening at the MCG, by back and pelvis have loved being pregnant, but I’ve gone to see them at the clinic religiously and had massages too to maintain my strength and alignment. Last night however, my lower back and pelvis were right out of whack, and I’ve got to go back next week. Been told I need to walk at least an hour a day and I need to lie down and rest too. I was in bed for 7:30 last night, absolutely on my chin straps, Hubs came to bed just after 8:30 as he was worn out too, about 9ish I woke up, wanted to sit up – and couldn’t. He had to help me sit up, then sit behind me while I had a drink. Combination of stomach muscles (or lack thereof) and the work on my back meant I literally couldn’t move, except to roll over.

However, waking up this morning I feel much better, much more mobile, but the sniffles I woke up with yesterday are still hanging around though. We had our first ante-natal class on Monday (another blog post to follow), and one of the dads was coughing, sneezing and hawking his throat. So pleasant. At the end I looked at his red-rimmed eyes and gave him a Paddington Bear death stare; 11 pregnant women in the room and you sit there with a full-on cold. You git.

But, and it’s a big but, I also saw my OB yesterday. Peanut is lying breech, so while there is still room for him to turn around, and the Chiro and I have a plan and I’ve got some exercises to get him to shift, the side he prefers lying on is the one opposite my placenta. So there may not be room for him to turn around in there anyway.

Our 30 week scan is booked for Wednesday next week, while we’re happy to get a peep at Peanut again, all eyes will be firmly fixed on the wonderous organ that is the placenta. Will it allow him to rotate, will it have lifted enough for me to deliver naturally or will both these things mean I’ve moved from having a nice low-risk pregnancy to a high-risk, we need a C-Section to get him out pregnancy.

It’s a week away to the scan, two weeks away till I see Dr Najjar again, but I have this sinking feeling and air of impending gloom, I’m not going to get to huff and puff and push him out. I’m keeping everything crossed, hoping stars are in alignment, lifting my eyes upwards and saying please a lot.

I really, really do not want a C-Section. I mean really. I’m scared and have huge issues about epidurals, so would request a full on anaesthetic, which means Hubs can’t come in with us, and apart from anything else, they are major, major surgery.

Oh, and I also found out that Dr Najjar is away for 10 days, arriving back 1 day before my due date yesterday too. Which if everything lines up and I can huff and puff, who the umpity ump would deliver him? All in all, yesterday was a bit pants, despite me doing the right things. Le sigh.

What do you think..?

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