Week 28 – eek!

How did that happen? I’m now in the last trimester and Peanut has a greater than 50% chance of surviving should he put in an early appearance. We keep telling him to hang on in there and carry on cooking though, we’re not quite ready for him yet!

We’re up in Queensland for our Easter Break, we have 5 days off over the weekend as it’s so late this year, the Monday has fallen on ANZAC day, so we get an extra public holiday. We’ve taken 8 days off work and are getting our longest break together since April 2007. Which is a worry, we’ve only ever been able to take a week here and there before this holiday. Any hoo, I digress, our drive up was easy, and mostly I am busy relaxing and watching my belly dance as Peanut wiggles and jiggles around inside me. We’re staying with Hubs’ father and step-mum, they retired up here just before Christmas, so it’s nice to catch up with them. She can’t believe how neat and tidy my bump is, neither can I when I google 28 weeks and look at the size of some of the ladies that are as pregnant as me. I’ve still not got any stretch marks too, so Vaseline, good on ya.

Working out what to wear up here was interesting, one of the girls at work asked if I was buying maternity shorts, but as they were $40, no. For a week? Forget it. So I am in 3/4 trousers, cargo pants that roll up and if needs be a pair of speedo shorts I brought to wear on our last trip here for BIL’s wedding in Port Douglas a year ago. We went for a walk today by the beach, so I heaved myself into my gym kit, no mean feat I can tell you as my boobs are enormous and have completely changed from before I got pregnant, I’m hoping they revert to what they were, as they are badly in the way for most things.

I don’t have much else to report really, I’m feeling great, sleeping soundly and can honestly say for the past 8 or 9 weeks have enjoyed being pregnant. There are somethings I can’t do, I still struggle up hills for example, but on our walk this morning, I breathed through my nose and pushed on up, feeling very pleased when I got to the top of the incline. Small price to pay for the amazing things that are going on inside my body though.

What do you think..?

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