Are we there yet?

The last time we got ready to do this journey, Hubs and I hadn’t known each other a year. He’d invited me out to Australia for a holiday, he left on Christmas Eve, I left on the 27 December. We couldn’t get these flights to line up, but we flew back to the UK in the middle of January.

The flight was the first time I’d flown on my own, anywhere. I packed Lord Of The Rings to attempt to read it again, but spent the whole flight playing Tetris and Battleship. Losing hopelessly against someone on the plane until I heard a giggle behind me, and realised I was playing against someone who had a clear view of my screen!

We spent 3 days in Melbourne, then packed up our rental car and drove to Mooloolaba, north of Brisbane. The equivalent of driving from London to Athens.

You can’t spend that long in a car and not learn a lot about them. I learnt that Hubs loves his country, and while he lived happily in the UK, his heart will always remain here. He learnt I can sleep through anything. I learnt that he doesn’t get road rage. He learnt I will flick people the bird willy-nilly. We both learnt that we are quite happy getting lost and ‘Using the Force’ to find our way back again. I learnt he needs to listen to the ABC Radio News first thing in the morning. He learnt I can’t sing, but love too (badly) to CDs in the car.

On Saturday we pack up the car, and repeat the journey. Taking four days to get to Queensland to visit his Dad and spend some time on a beach, relaxing, eating good food and just generally enjoying ourselves. I cannot wait.

What do you think..?

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