Ten on Tuesday – snack edition

Hmm, this could be interesting, as I am not really a snack eater. Particularly now I’m pregnant, I seem to be eating less than I did before I got pregnant. Combination of excessive hormones and severe lack of room I guess. Still, I’ll give it a go:

  1. Crisps. Not my favourite, but the one everyone who thinks of a snack thinks of by default. Down Under they’re called ‘chips’ regardless. Preferably plain old salted over any other flavour. I still like them in sandwiches better than I like them separately, and while I’ll eat them if they’re in the house, I won’t go out of my way to eat them. Except when I have a yen for them, usually in a sandwich, which is about 3-4 times a year.
  2. Dried Fruit. This is something I always have a stash of in my desk drawer and pantry. Dates and dried apple rings at work (although the apples were finished this week), others at home. If I am going out at the weekend, I also take a little baggie with some in too, so if we’re out and can’t find any IBS compliant food, I can always munch on them instead.
  3. Nuts. Roasted, but preferably not salted. These are ruthlessly weighed out into portion sizes and bagged/ tubbed up, as it is very easy to keep on eating and suddenly you’ve consumed your weight in cashews.
  4. Carrot sticks, cucumber and baby sweetcorn. I love this combination and often take it to work for elevenses.
  5. Fruit. I keep fruit in the house all the time and try to eat 2-3 pieces daily, however while I’ll have a portion to finish off my lunch, maybe more in the afternoon and another bit at home, only the afternoon counts as a snack I guess??

And I can’t think of any more. I don’t buy crisps unless we’re expecting people over. I can’t eat pretzels, which seems to be most people’s go-to snack of choice, as they’re made with wheat flour. In fact most snack food that is for sale in the supermarkados I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, have you read what is in it? We try to buy and make from fresh wherever we can, which means most snack items are off our menu. I have roasted a tin of chick peas and munched on them before now, but not for a while.

So there we have it. Five things I snack on, not bad I suppose. Mainly due to having food ‘issues’ about what I eat: on the one hand my IBS can flare up at anytime, on the other, preferring not to eat crap.


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