Week 26 and Ups & Downs 9

26 weeks, where has the time gone? Technically next week I enter the third trimester, it doesn’t seem that long I was feeling sick to my stomach and thinking ‘Woe is me’ Now I’m tired out and thinking ‘Woe is me’. Only joking.

This week is busy, not least because we’re off on holiday  at the weekend, and we’ve both got half a tonne of things to do before we can go, but for where I work it’s also Board paper week, which puts pressure on the end of the office that I work in. Yesterday I was bone tired, was going to go for a snooze but then realised we were due to skype my brother so sat up on the couch instead. If I’d gone to sleep and been woken up for the call, I would have been an absolute cow, so on the one hand, I’m pleased I didn’t go to sleep. I managed my grumpiness, but then got a bit over tired. I was also kicked up under my ribs at 4:40 this morning by the little man, which didn’t go down to well I can tell you. I rolled over and he settled, but it took me ages to get back off to sleep again. I reset my alarm for 7am, but having ploughed through the day, probably should have admitted defeat and just got up and gone in early. Hey ho.

This morning was very hard work to get through, but I got my second wind (thank you berocca!) and was hugely productive this afternoon. Hubs finished work a little early today to get checked out after his car accident on Friday, he had dinner ready for us when I got home, we’re sat up watching the news and will go to bed when it’s finished. At 7:30pm. Party on dudes

Here are our Ups and Downs.


  • Not being able to do as much round the house. Only I would find this a problem…
  • I’m barely eating anything in the evenings, but then I’m not hungry in the evenings either. Tonight we had soup, and I’m stuffed. This is a down insofar we’re going on holiday next week, and our main meals will probably be in the evenings.
  • Names. This will sound daft, but just when I thought we’d got our shortlist sorted, Hubs keeps finding other names he likes. Including 2 that I also really like. I was quite happy not thinking about this any more, and now they’re all running around my head again. le sigh


  • We’ve received confirmation and a ‘we’re looking forward to welcoming you’ letter from Waverley Private. Slowly all the T’s are being crossed and I’s are being dotted.
  • While it’s annoying to be woken up by a swift kick to the ribs, (I know it’s nothing to the sleep deprivation to come) it’s hilarious to watch my stomach dance around. When we put our hands on the bump, we can feel him moving rather than just indiscriminate kicks. Skyping my brother last night, he said one of the sweetest things about when my niece was born was watching her movements and realising they were the same as she had made inside my sister-in-law. Despite extensive googling, I can’t find anything on what babies actually do in there. I guess they’re all so different, no-one can say for sure, but given all the videos around, I thought there would some information on it.
  • I still feel really relaxed about the whole thing. Which most people still find hilarious, given that I am a worry wart (see the ‘Down’ about names). We’re breaking out notebooks on our trip away for lists. And lists of lists. When we get back, preparing for Peanut begins in earnest.
  • We are both looking forward to the holiday. It’s the first time we’ve been out of Victoria since we went to Tasmania last year and the first two week break we’ve had since April 2007. Heck!

What do you think..?

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