Breaking horrible news

It’s never great when you answer the phone to your husband to hear ‘I’m fine, but…’

He was rear-ended by a lady who was rear-ended by a truck driver at a pedestrian crossing. The truck driver wrote off her car, but didn’t bother to even get out of his cab to see if she was ok. Hubs was shaken up, is feeling a bit stiff and his car’s suspension frame has been bent out of shape. It’s been taken off the road to see if it’s road-worthy or not, but we think not and aren’t sure if it can be fixed either.

The morale of this little snippet: when you’re phoning anyone to tell them something nasty, make sure you assure them you are ok first. I had to listen to a voice mail from the St Kilda Police this week about a work colleague who was also driven into, and her car was written off, it took them till the end of the call to tell us she was fine. In the meantime, I’m thinking ‘What the umpity-ump is going on?’

Two people I know have been in car accidents this week, through no fault of their own, but still be careful out there. Your car is not an extension of your living room, or dining room, or office. It is your car. Put your phone down, put your food down, turn your music down and concentrate on what is going on around you. Hubs’ accident was caused by a lorry driver going too fast and not looking. My colleague’s accident was caused by someone driving through a red light and then T-Boning her, again he also didn’t even check she was ok, just stood by his car smoking.

I signed the No Phone Zone pledge, please do too. Even a blue tooth head set means you are not concentrating on driving, and don’t even get me started on texting…

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